Typewriter Sound Effects 1960 Smith & Corona

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Recording Typewriter Sound Effects. Original 1960 Smith & Corona typewriter machine

Have you seen the Series Mindhunter yet? If you watch the first episode and you listen to the discussion with Holden and the FBI Director you can listen to this awesome typewriting sound in the background!  That inspired me to record a typewriter sound effect!

We went to Iowa and drove 1800 Miles across the United States to a small city called Sioux City. This is the Libbys hometown.

We went to one of Libby’s friend on a visit and I saw in a closet this old Smith and Corona typewriter.

In that moment I remembered the series again. Lucky, I always carry my camera and some of my audio equipment with me.

I ask Libby’s friend how old the typewriter was and if it works?  She told me that the typewriter might be from the 60s and I should try it out.

It worked!!!

Watch The Video Me Using & Recording The type Writer Sound Effects

As you can see in the video I placed my new Soundman binaural microphones left and right on the typewriter and started typing.

Sometimes you have to be creative to transform a living room into a “foley room”. I only had the binaural microphones and the Zoom H6 with me so I used it

I love the mechanical sound and after the roll reached it’s end it creates this fun “BING” sound effect!

The sound file is around 10 minutes long with different typings and recordings! 

Typewriter Sound Effects

I love working on a typewriter – the rhythm, the sound; it’s like playing the piano, which I do, too.

David Mamet

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