Typewriter Sound Effects 1960 Smith & Corona

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Recording Typewriter Sound Effects on a original 1960 Smith & Corona typewriter machine.

Have you seen the Series Mindhunter yet? If you watch the first episode and you listen to the discussion with Holden and the FBI Director you can listen to this awesome typewriting sound in the background! That inspired me to record this audio!

We are in Iowa and drove 1800 Miles from Orange County back to the little city called Sioux City. This is the town where Libby is coming from and for me as a German is this the first Thanksgiving.
So anyway we went to one of Libby’s friend on a visit and I saw in a closet an old typewriter. These are the moments that I am so happy to carry always my camera and some of my audio equipment with me. I ask her how old is this typewriter and does it work and could I record the sound of it? “This typewriter might be from the 60s so try it and go ahead”!
As you can see in the video I placed my new Soundman Binaural Microphones left and right on the typewriter and started writing!
I love this mechanic sound and if the roll is done it makes this fun “BING” sound!

The Video is only a few minutes long but the Sound File is over ten minutes long! It is time to buy new batteries for my Camera. I had 55 percent on it but it shot down after not even 3 minutes.
The video covered almost all sounds but not as I took out the paper. That will be at the end of the sound in the sound file that you can download super easy out of my Dropbox.

EDIT: I am trying to figure out the correct Modell Number from the typewriter and going to fit in the blog post in the moment I have it.
I forgot to make a photo of the registration plate but she told me the typewriter must be from the 60s.

I wish anybody out there a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful rest of the week!

Typewriter Sound Effects

I love working on a typewriter – the rhythm, the sound; it’s like playing the piano, which I do, too.

David Mamet

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