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Recording Train Sound Effects USA at Fullerton Train Station

People all over the world are fascinated by trains. I went to the Fullerton train station in Orange County to record the sound of several trains like Amtraks, Metrolink and freight trains! Sounds of American freight trains have something magical to me.

Train Sound Effects USA

Do you know the Movie Unstoppable with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine?
A Sound Recorder told me that he recorded the sound for this movie on this station.

The Fullerton Train Station!

The Fullerton Transportation Center in Orange County is a freight and passenger rail and a bus station as well!
Every day trains by Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner, Metrolink Line, and Southwest Chief trains are stopping here and numerous of freight trains passing by!

Train Sound Effects USA

The station has two historic buildings! The first one was built in 1923 by the Union Pacific Railroad and the second building in 1930 by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway.

It has an Amtrak ticket office and a passenger waiting area and a small restaurant on the left.
It also has a bridge that connects the train lines! I recorded one freight train from the top of the bridge!

People are very nice here and I had a few conversations about my recording with an employer and with people who are just curious about what am I doing here.Train Sound Effects USA

The BNSF Freight Trains!

Freight Trains are massive and carry over 200 double-stacked containers if needed and are hauled by more than just one diesel-electric locomotive.
One train can reach a total length of more than 3 miles and run up to 70 mph/112 km/h.The Locomotive itself  is a General Motors GE Dash 9-44CW with 6 engines and 3.280 kW

Train Sound Effects USA

Metrolink Train!

The Metrolink trains coming from Los Angeles and going down the coast until Oceanside.
Metrolink used two types of trains. The Tier 4 Locomotive and a Hyundai Rodem cars locomotive.
Read more about fleet on the Metrolink website.

Amtrak Train!

I just arrived at noon and saw the Amtrak train! The train stopped right in front of me and if you listen to the beeping noise, this is a woman with an electronic golf caddy. I am pretty sure this train was the Pacific Surfliner. The train started in San Luis Obispo and drives along the coast to San Diego. The Locomotive is a EMD F59PHI built by General Motors.

Train Sound Effects USA

Watch the video

If you are around Fullerton or Orange County and you want to record your own train sounds here is the exact location where I recorded the train sounds.

Download train sound effects USA from Bandcamp

To download the album click on “Download” then type in “0” or any price you want. Choose “WAV” and not mp3 for the high-quality files. If you have already access to the “Complete Library” this album is in the Bandcamp Category “Trains USA”
NOTE: If you can’t see the media player down below make sure to turn off your adblocker or use a different browser. Please don’t use a Download Manager.

Do you need a different selection of train sound effects?

I have you covered with train sounds from Thailand, Japan, and Germany. Click on the link to review the train sound category.

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Emanuele Costantini September 26, 2017 at 9:34 pm

I would like to have some extra infos about the recordings. The metadata are telling me you recorded it with the MS microphone of the Zoom H6. Are these recording in need of being decoded with a matrix or are already decoded and I can use them as “normal” stereo?
I am referring specifically to the followings:
Freight Train at Night Zoom H6 Stereo uncompressed
Metro Link At Night Zoom H6 Stereo
MetroLink Train Breaking Sound and People get out the train Zoom H6 STEREO

Thank you and great work!

freesounds September 27, 2017 at 2:55 am

Hi Emanuele! I sended you an email and hope that helped you!! Let me know! Best Libby and Marcel

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