Royalty Free Ocean Sounds Uluwatu, Bali

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Recording royalty free ocean sounds at Uluwatu, Bali!
I didn’t went to the “Eat Pray Love” beach because too many people or tourist hanging around and ruining the ocean sound. The time I arrived was already too late but it is still on my list for a different day!

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I drove 5 minutes by motorbike to a small cave area called the Blue Point Beach or Pantai Suluban. You pay a little parking fee and I think it was 5000 Rupiah.

Royalty Free Ocean Sounds

You walk along a bar area what I really didn’t like. Such an incredible spot and then bars? But this is just me saying.

I passed the bars and some already drunken people and walked all the way to the left end and came to a pretty dangerous stone stairs area.
If you fall at this point you fall deep and you can hurt yourself extremely bad.

The spot I finally went is the Uluwatu Beach or Blue Point Beach what is a really amazing spot! It is like an open cave and not many people came here while I was recording. Surfers using this beach to get out in the ocean.
If the sun sets it must be incredible and I felt like I am in a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

Royalty Free Ocean Sounds

I walked around with my DPA 4060 in my hand and the H6 around my neck to record the sound in different locations.
I stepped in the wet sand and in the water to catch the waves coming in and out. With shoes and socks by the way! 🙂
You also will listen to a really cool rumbling in the beginning. While I was on the left site of the cave and the waves are sloshing against the stones.

Royalty Free Ocean Sounds
At the end of the recording, you can listen to water dripping from the stones.

It took me about 3 hours to arrive Uluwatu but it was totally worth it! We will be back in Bali in July so more ocean sounds are promised!

Royalty Free Ocean Sounds

“Just take your time – wave comes. Let the other guys go, catch another one.”
Duke Kahanamoku

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