Royalty Free Ocean Sounds, California. Fishermen Fishing At Redondo Beach Pier

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We came here right before the sunset so it was just a perfect timing to watch and listen to the Fisherman’s at Redondo Beach and you can already hear the fishermen talking and you can already smell the salty fish taste in the air before you arrive!

Let me give you a little tour so that you can imagine where we at.

The Pier at Redondo Beach has a relaxing atmosphere and most of the people go for a stroll and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, the birds, or the seals.
The Pier was built in 1889 and is located only 8 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport and has 70,000 square-feet of open space, and is also known as the largest “endless” pier on the coast of California.

So what is going on around the Pier beside watching the fisherman’s?

If you walk around the Pier you get an incredible panoramic ocean and coastline view and when you get hungry or you want some entertainment you can easily visit one of over 50 dining, entertainment, and retail establishments along the Pier. Walking along the Beach is one of the most scenic beach walks in the world and I travel a lot so I promise, you will love it. Besides walking you can also go for biking, jogging, kayaking, boating, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, swimming and scuba diving.

Sound that we captured!

I had about 10 Minutes of footage but after reviewing I can only use about four minutes because somebody turned the radio on so I had to cut that out!!!

1. In the background, you hear the bell of a navigation mark or moored buoy!
Shipping signs (in the coastal area and in the area of the maritime roads also called sea signs) are audible or visible markings, which serve as navigation aids in the shipping.
2. The people to talk to each other.
3. How the Fisher repairs the fishing rod.
4. The whirring sound when the Fisher throws the line to catch the fish or bring it back (Reeling the catch)!
5. One fisherman caught about 6 fish on one line and another fisherman puts a box right in front of us to put the fish in! The fish tried to survive and the box moves around!
6. A Coughing fisherman!
7. A little airplane in the air.
8. Birds and Seals.

You find the exact location right HERE in front of the restaurant!

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