Ocean Sounds Of The World! Beaches, Shores & Underwater

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Recording Ocean Sounds at beaches, shores, waterfronts and underwater all around the world!

Blog post update 27.09.2018  with now 44 new ocean sound recordings. Almost 3.5 hours of ocean sounds!

In this blog post, I love to share with you new ocean sounds that I have recorded in Bali and Singapore. Since we are in Singapore I could use my new hydrophones to record underwater sounds. These recordings are labeled with hydrophone recordings.

hydrophone sound effects

Singapore Ocean Sounds

Besides the hydrophone sounds, I recorded at night ocean sounds at Labrador Park. The container harbor is in the background and you get an industrial vibe out of it. No worries we will be back in Singapore in November and record more industrial sounds.

ocean sounds

New Bali Ocean Sounds

For the first recordings, I drove all the way to Padang Bai Port east of Bali. I arrived around 10 pm and could already hear the sound of the ferries in the distance. The engine is pretty low noise.

I uploaded two versions of the recordings. One with the ferry engine in the background and one version where cut out the low noise rumble.
Luckily I could record a long and a short honking sound. I extracted these tracks if you only want them In the album, it is track 30 & track 31.

While I was recording I was surrounded by small boats in the harbor and you can listen how the water splashed on the site of the boats.

Later that night I went to this place recording more ocean sounds

If you see the little hut I walked around and recorded the ocean waves from there. If you see the lines with the attached boats in the water right? You can listen how they splashed in the water up and down.
At one point I forgot about the lines, walked right into it and almost fall with the recorder and the microphone into the water.

In the album, it is track number 32.

Next location

It was almost midnight when I stopped at this location and the difference between other beaches is that this one is colored black. The volcanic sand creates a slightly different sound as other normal sand beaches we know.

Other ccean sounds that are included in the album

The album includes with the new recordings from Singapore recordings from California ( USA ), Costa Rica, Bali (Indonesia), Japan and Vietnam (Penang & Turks and Caicos coming soon).

I included not only recordings from the ocean I included water gargle sound effects from Dana Point and from Balboa Peninsula. I recorded these sounds around 11 pm at night.

The fishermen recording at “Redondo Pier” and “Dana Point” have boats and buoy bell sounds included. You can hear these sounds in the background of the recordings.

ocean sounds

The ocean sounds from Japan are recorded on fine gravel stones. After the water floats back into the ocean you can listen to a nice and soft stone rolling.

The ocean sounds at Uluwatu in Bali are recorded in a cave or cove. The entry is surrounded by stones and I kept the mic rumble in this recording. The reason why I kept it in the recordings is the interesting bass sound effect after the waves hitting the rocks.
At the end of these sounds, I recorded dripping drops from the rocks down to the ground.

ocean sounds

In the recordings at Balboa Peninsula at night time you can listen to a boat entering the harbor and a crane scream and flying away.
Ocean Sounds at Morro Bay including Seagulls and Sea Otter to get a variety of animal sounds. I couldn’t avoid the sound of several tourists.

If you like to have some surfers in the water I recorded ocean sounds at “The Wedge” and by the time of the recordings, you can listen to several bodysurfer in the water.

Another cool sound is the one at Balboa Island where I recorded the ferry coming from the peninsula and docking on the pier at night time.
ocean sounds

Field Recording Gear

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Zoom H6 349 USD
DPA 4060 1199 USD (Pair)
Usi Pro 125 Euro (Pair)
Rode NTG4+ 399 USD

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Nawaraj May 27, 2018 at 1:41 pm

great work, appreciate your work. Thaks a lot. I am a big fan of your quality sound that you are providing freely. Highly appreciated.

freesounds May 28, 2018 at 7:15 am

Thank you so much Nawaraj and come and stop by from time to time! I am always working on new free sound effects.


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