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Recording Hydrophone Underwater Sound Effects

Just a few minutes drive from the famous Campuhan Ridge Walk is this beautiful rice fields with its natural irrigation system. I already recorded a library of these water sounds a few months ago but now I had the hydrophones with me and was able to record underwater sounds what is a wonderful addition to it.

Hydrophone Underwater Sound Effects

Listen To The Hydrophone Underwater Sound Effects Compilation

From Ubud center, it is about a 20-minute drive to reach these ricefield paddies. I came later in the evening and nobody was around anymore. The sun began to set and I recorded with the hydrophones until it got dark. It is very peaceful to be in nature and listening how the sounds changed with the time.

Hydrophone Underwater Sound Effects

Contact microphones or hydrophones are incredibly useful to get “clean” audio without any background noise. A few days ago I got a perfect alarm beeping sound and without contact microphones, I had this audio full with cicadas.

I arrived at the ricefield, organized my equipment and my goal was to record with two recorders and two hydrophones at the same time.
I used the Zoom F4 with one Limpetmic hydrophone and the Zoom F8n with the other one. All files are recorded in Mono (converted to stereo because Bandcamp cant process mono files, but the mono files are available inside the Complete Library) and in 192kHz24bit.

When I started recording with the F4 I could walk to a different area with the F8n and that saved me a lot of time.

What Hydrophone Underwater Sound Effects can you expect

At the end of the day, I had 24 different water streams underwater recorded and each one of them sounds completely different. If I wasn’t already at the end of the irrigation system, I probably had more recorded but I believe the sounds I got are enough for now and I can always record more. If you want more just shoot me a message!

Location Of The Ricefield Near Ubud

You will listen to fast streams, slow streams, deeper sounding streams, calm streams, water bubblings, bubbly underwater sounds, fizzes, droplets, scratching and dragging sounds from the hydrophones.

If I have waterfalls and more ocean sounds from Bali with the hydrophones recorded, I am going to release another hydrophone album with all the sounds I have ever recorded so far. Stay tuned for this even bigger hydrophone library!

Field Recording Equipment

Zoom F4 449 USD
Zoom F8n 999 USD
LimpetMics Hydrophone Pro-01 70£

Hydrophone Underwater Sound Effects

Download Hydrophone Underwater Sound Effects On Bandcamp

These sound effects are free of charge!!!

Click on “Download”, type in “0” or any contribution you want. Only 1 USD makes already a huge difference. I pay 75 USD for 5000 free downloads On Bandcamp.

Choose “WAV” and not mp3 for the high-quality files.
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If you have already access to my “Complete Library” you will find these recordings in the “Indonesia Category Eight”!

Category: Sounds Of Indonesia, Nature, ASMR, River & Streams  
Type: Hydrophone Underwater Sound Effects
Specs: 24 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 5 GB (2.5GB Mono) 
Review & Download Metadata & Description  
Duration: 72 min 
Equipment:Zoom F8n, Zoom F4, Limpetmics Hydrophone Pro-01
License types: standard license, royalty-free, single & multi user license

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