Free Soda Can Opening Sound Effect – Opening Whoosh Sound Effect

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Update 10.09.2018! Eight New Soda Can Opening Sound Effect are uploaded. 

I realized that one of my favorite sound effects that you Guys are downloading here on Free To Use Sounds are the can opening sound effect. Why not recording more soda can sounds?

I recorded 8 different cans, placed the glasses and the cans on the surface of the kitchen counter, poured the liquid in the glasses and sometimes I drunk from it. I drink the Coca-Cola, parts of the Red Bull and the soda water.

Soda Can Opening Sound Effect

Recorded with the DPA 4060, USI Pro by LOM and the Zoom F8n. You can see the contact microphone in the video but I didn’t use it. After listening to the recordings I don’t think it sounded rich enough so I didn’t use them.

Watch Me Open & Drinking Eight Different Cans!

Field Recording Equipment

Zoom F8n (999 USD)
Zoom H6 (369 USD)
One Pair DPA 4060 (1199 USD)
One Pair USI Pro By Lom (125 Euro)

Download the first soda can opening sound from my Dropbox for free.

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