Airplane Landing Sound Effects! Chiangmai Airport!

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Hi Guys and in this field recording report I have 13 different aircraft or airplane landing sound effects for you including one military jet and let’s be honest it was a bumpy start recording these sounds.

You can jump right into the album on Bandcamp and download your copy or you can read a little bit how I got the sound to understand a little bit more about where the sound is coming from! I am not a native English speaker so forgive me my written mistakes.

The version you are listening too on SoundCloud can be downloaded directly from SoundCloud by clicking the little hook in the media player or from my Dropbox account down below.

At one point, I got so discouraged, frustrated and sad at the same time by using the new Zoom F4 field recorder. I also made a post in one of the best Facebook groups ever. The “Field Recording” Facebook group and asked for help and support. If you are not a member yet and you are interested in recording sounds, this is the group you should go for.

I got an immediate response and super positive feedback. While I was trying to figure things out fellow sound recordists with years of experience trying to help me get things started.

Zoom F4 Field Recorder Sound Test

So what was the issue? First off, I had no sounds on all microphones. If you have a recorder like the Zoom H6, for example, you just plug in the XLR cable, choose the track and boom can start recording.

But I was sitting there with the Zoom F4 and it’s quite different. Red lights, yellow lights, trying to figure out pairing the two microphones.  I clicked buttons turn around the nob from left to right like an idiot and seriously I had no idea whats going on or what am I doing. Maybe I sound stupid, but I keep it real and learning by doing right?

royalty-free airplane landing sound effects

I already missed 4 planes including 2 older propeller machines that didn’t come again so that’s a bummer but another reason to come back this week. I said to myself “Marcel relax, I know its already above 35 degrees and the sun is going to grill you but you get through this.( By the way, I made my Thai Driving License in this area a few days ago with amazing binaural walla sounds. Coming soon!)

With all the information from the Facebook group and downloading the user manual, I was sitting there reading and trying to figure it out how this Zoom F4 recorder work and finally I had sound in my ear! I could record 13 planes including one above the highway and a military jet that I almost missed. I am not sure but it could be a Northrop F-5E Tiger II or a super old L-39 Albatros. I had no time to get a photo of it. The sun was brutal and I guess hard on the equipment so I had t stop at some point and pretty happy about the outcome.

The other airplanes that I recorded are all Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and one Airbus A319. Sound number 12 is above the highway and the military jet is sound number 13.

license-free airplane landing sound effects

About the recording:

As I mentioned above I used the Zoom F4 field recorder. Also, I used a Rode NTG4+ together with the Rycote Blimp and on the ground, I fixed one pair of omnidirectional DPA 4060 together with the Rycote Windjammers on my Osmo stick from DJI and pointed the direction up in the sky above the incoming planes.

Zoom F4 Field Recorder Sound Test

The first plane that you hear in the SoundCloud track was only recorded with the Rode NTG 4+ and in post, I created it to a stereo track.  I think it sounds pretty good.

All other aircraft are all recorded with the omnis and it’s amazing what these tiny little lavs can pick up. For me, it sounds great and as a traveler, it’s a nice field recording gear. Especially if you don’t have so much space in the suitcase. The pair is around 1000 USD so I am super careful with them.

But after reviewing the files I found another issue that I had no idea that could happen.
When I use a Zoom H6, I can just pair the lavaliers to one stereo track. I did this with the DPAs and if you record on track 3 or 4 with a different mic the recorder creates its own folder with these recordings. In my example, it should be a separate folder with the mono files.

But the F4 created one track together with all 3 recordings. I uploaded all files these files to my  Sync folder if you have access to it and see what I mean. Things you can easily fix in post so that’s not an issue for this kind of recording but it is something that I learned by finding the right settings for the future.

For your information, all 13 aircraft sounds are together 10 minutes long and  I recorded in a bitrate of 192/24 and if you haven’t download these airplane sound effects yet you can do it from my Dropbox as well. I really hope you enjoy the sounds and you can use it for your projects! All these sounds are included in the Secret Sound Library as well.

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