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Welcome to a sound journey across Japan! I recorded these train sound effects in Tokyo and Osaka!

For this blog post, I love sharing with you all the train sounds that I have recorded in Japan! I had only a few hours in Tokyo and Osaka but got some nice recordings! I wish I had more time.

Timelapse Umeda Train Station!

It wouldn’t make sense to make for each sound a different blog post and I love using Bandcamp. I uploaded all train sounds to the album including many trains and subway trains from Osaka, Tokyo, the Shinkansen and the beeping sounds with passing train on a railway cross. In the sound Nr. 09 is an ambulance car in the background what sounds really cool.

Train Sound Effects

I included some fun extra sounds for you to this album. Several sneezing attacks that I recorded in the trains on accident.

We have a total number of 25 soundtracks with around 2 Gigabytes.

I kept all beeping sounds and announcement in the recording for the purpose of archiving these sounds like a sound survey. Kind like “London Sound Survey”. Sounds changed over the years and maybe in 10 years we look back and say “wow” what a difference.
The first time I realize how much sound changed was when I recorded the traffic sound! All that I heard, most of the time, is the sound of the tires on the street. Where are the engines? Electric cars and hybrids are the most common cars in Japan and that makes a huge impact. Trucks are still loud :)!


Train Sound Effects

Same in Hiroshima or Osaka! There are thousands of cars but if you close your eyes you think you are almost alone and its kind of scary because everything is so silent.

Same in the train station. The trains are packed but nobody talks. I love that. Everything is so clean and in order. Going at 3 am in the morning to a train station in Tokyo? No problem and nothing to worry about. 3 am in a train station in Berlin? Different story.

I think its really cool to know that I have a recording of the world busiest train station in Shizuoka recorded. Unbelievable 3. 5 million people coming to this station every day! It is the sound number 5! Also, Umeda in Osaka is the fourth busiest station. In the album is it sound nr. 17! Another recording what will be up very soon is the famous crosswalk in Shibuya! Together with Atlanta airport, I have already 3 sounds from the busiest places on earth for us recorded.

Train Sound Effects

As you know all my sounds are license-free or royalty-free but in this album are third party sounds recorded. Make sure if you download the sounds that you cut out certain sounds like automated announcements for example if it’s for commercial purpose but this is all up to you.

For the recording itself, I used the Zoom H6 together with the DPA 4060 and the Soundman OKM II Rock studio binaurl microphones.

Train Sound Effects

Japanese are one of the most punctual people he had ever worked with. They could, he imagined, put the Germans to shame in their high expectation for timeliness. – Vann Chow

..and now I invite to listen or download all these sounds from Japans trains and subway from my Bandcamp album! It was so much fun recording underground and I hope I will be back in Japan next year in summer!

25 tracks with around 2 GB of sounds!

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