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Hi Guys, I updated this sound pack with 5 new toilet flush sound effects from Costa Rica, Airports, Houston Texas and Thailand will be coming soon.

EDIT: 03.05.2018!

This Soundpack what I have today for you took me a while before I could post it because I recorded all these different toilet sound effects beginning from our Journey from Orange County, California to Sioux City, Iowa! Also, let me tell you that this Blog Post is a rolling post.
What I mean by that is that I will always upload a new toilet flush sound to this sound pack.

That makes it so easy to use Bandcamp because you can just attach a new track!

So you can choose if you want to download the sound, track by track or the full lenght with the first fifteen flushing sound effects from my Dropbox folder.
I created one long file with all the 15 flushing sounds and whoosh sound effects but later you can just download each new toilet sound from the Bandcamp Album “Toilet Flush Around The World”! I think its a funny name :).

The idea to record toilet flushes came to me while ago when I was waiting in a public toilet somewhere in LA and that was the weirdest toilet sound I ever heard. But who brings a recorder into a toilet?? From that moment I thought about creating a toilet flush sound effect Album! This is the start but I also recorded room tones in several toilets that I am going to release another time. The toilet or bathrooms have all different fans and some of them are super loud or just crazy sounding in a fantastic way!

Toilet Flush Sound Effects


Toilet Flush Sound Effects list

Here is the list where I recorded the toilet sounds and down on the bottom you find all you need to download these sounds! You can see the photos of each toilet in my YouTube Video but the pictures are not very good so I am not going to put them on the page.

  1. Hotel Bell Rock Resort Sedona Toilet One (USA)
  2. Hotel Bell Rock Resort Sedona Toilet Two (USA)
  3. Hotel In Gallup Red Roof Inn (USA)
  4. Hotel In Colorado American Best Value (USA)
  5. Wholefoods Sedona (USA)
  6. Wholefoods Alberqueque (USA)
  7. Safeway Trinidad (USA)
  8. Gas Station Somewhere In Kansas (USA)
  9. Gas Station Highway 183 Nebraska (USA)
  10. Sioux City Toilet Room In A House (USA)
  11. Sioux City to Omaha Interstate29 Reststop Restroom (USA)
  12. Atlanta Airport Toilet Recorded Binaural (USA)
  13. Delta Airlines Boeing 777-200 Flight To Atlanta (USA)
  14. Seoul Airport Toilet (South Korea)
  15. Vincom CGV Cinema (Vietnam)
  16. Hoi An At The Hub Hoian (Vietnam)

NEW EDITS to the Bandcamp Album!

17. Toilet recorded a few months ago at my friend’s house in Germany!
18. Toilet Sound recorded in a restaurant in Hoi An! I recorded the full action! Open and closing the door, open the toilet, recorded the pee sound, washing hand sound and open and closed the door! Pretty fun!

NEW EDITS Toilet Flush Sound Effects 02.04.2018

19. Toilet Flush in the lounge at Da Nang airport
20. Pissoir in the lounge at Da Nang airport
21. Toilet Flush sound effects at airport Denpasar, Bali
22. Airbus 320 open toilet and closed toilet
23. Convenience Store on the road in Japan
24. Grocery Store on the road in Japan
25. Rest station on the road in Japan
26. Toilet flush in a Japanese restaurant
27. Another rest station on Japnese roads
28. Toilet sound in our guest house in Narita with a flush, water jet and dryer sound
29.  Toilet flush sound effects Flight Tokyo-Detroit, Airbus 350-900 (brand new aircraft!!)
30. Costa Rica AirBnB Toilet

New Edits 03.05.2018

  1. 31. Costa Rica Liberia Airport
    32. On Board Boeing 777 Qatar Airways Open and Closed 00:21
    33. On Board Dreamliner Qatar Airways
    34. Houston, Texas Friends House Toilet
    35. George Bush International Airport Toilet Room

Toilet flush sound effects

There’s no place like home. And there’s no toilet like your own.

Taylor York

The equipment and software I used to capture and edit these toilet flush sound effects
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Download all 35 tracks of these toilet flush sound effects on Bandcamp

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Shwan Marsh January 2, 2018 at 5:27 am

It was really fun to read out this article and hearing those flushing and fans sounds of public toilets. Sometimes, those sounds were really annoying, otherwise it was a nice symphony you recorded. Nice idea…

freesounds January 2, 2018 at 8:08 am

Hi Shwan! I am releasing an album about the fan sounds to and believe me there are some fun ones 🙂 I am glad you liked it and Happy New Year!


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