Church Bell Sound Effects Germany

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Recording church bell sound effects in a small village in Germany!

We are staying at a friend’s house in a small town called Biberach/Riss where many smaller villages are around. You can find in any village in Germany a community church. I went on a Sunday to a smaller church to record a close by sound and then a few days later another sound from a further distance away.

After attempting to record this situation 3 times, I was finally able to record it with minimal nearby noises, people talking, and no wind noise! I’m happy to say that I got a good sound for you all and the length of the bell sound is about 6 minutes!

The video has two different sound files included (the image changes when the sound changes) and it was recorded with a Zoom H6.

Do you need different church bell sound effects? Maybe this one HERE is something for you! 6 Minutes nonstop church bell Sounds!

Download Church Bell Sound Effect from Dropbox

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Download the close-up church bell sound effect right in front.

Download File

Download the church bell sound effect recorded 400 meters away/

Download File

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