Royalty Free Music & Instrument Sound Effects-Balinese Gamelan

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Recording Royalty Free Music & Gamelan Instrument Sound Effects in Ubud, Bali

Without the field recording group on Facebook, I wouldn’t be able to record these sound effects. I connected with Anton, a young composer from Denmark who also knew the owner of these wonderful Instruments. He was so nice that and opened his house for us and gave us access to all the instruments he had. We recorded 6 different Instruments and created over 700+ tones.

Update on the instrument names! There is clearly a difference between the Javanese and the Balinese Gamelan and if you download the sounds the file names are not the correct ones. Here is an article about the Balinese Gamelan instruments. 

Listen to the Instrument Sound Compilation

For your information: All recordings we made can be downloaded royalty-free. No band/musician was involved or recorded or. Only me and Anton. I found the main photo that I use for this blog post on Pixabay.

Down below you can find the Gamelan Instruments that we used! The Bandcamp Album to download the sounds is at the end of the blog post!

Gender – Ugal (Balinese)

Royalty Free Music & Instrument Sound Effects-Balinese Gamelan

The tones and the tuning of these Genders are different than standard Genders. Dewa created and customized these on its on to give them a personal touch and to make a difference.

We recorded several Genders that are all different in height, weight and of course with different plates. Every single plate on the gender creates a different sound. We also used different sticks or hammer. Almost all instruments are made out of bronze.

We finished with the Gender and focused on the Gong. This is by far my favorite instrument. I just love deep tones. I love listening to more dark and underground techno and there is so much what you can do with these effects.

We had two different versions of the Gong. A big one and a bigger one. Super deep sound.  I recorded with the DPA 4060 and I also used an AKG C 411 contact microphone.


Royalty Free Music & Instrument Sound Effects-Balinese Gamelan

We didn’t record in a studio. We had a pavilion outside of the house. You will experience some background sound like cicadas or rain. I reduced the noise the best I could in post without losing any quality in the sound and sometimes you will hear the sounds in the background.  On the other hand, it creates a nice authentic flair how Ubud sound like at night.

Kendang – Kendhang (Balinese)

Royalty Free Music & Instrument Sound Effects-Balinese Gamelan

Hitting the gongs is pretty intense and if you stay so close you can’t do that all day long and  I have such respect for the person who hits the Gong or sometimes stays in between 3 Gongs.

After the Gong, we start recording the Kendang and the Bonang and tried different variations of it. We had 3 different Kendang or drums and a small flat one that we used. We used our hands and a drum hammer to create lots of tones.

The Bonang have all different sizes and each size creates a different tone. We started from high to low and low to high. In total we recorded 16 different Bonang.

Bonang- Reyong (Balinese)

Royalty Free Music & Instrument Sound Effects-Balinese Gamelan

Later on, we found a broom in the corner and recorded some weird sounds with it as well. You will find all these sounds in the Bandcamp album down below.

The Broom 🙂

Royalty Free Music & Instrument Sound Effects-Balinese Gamelan

Last but not least the Ching Ching. This is a very fun instrument. Everybody who loves the sound of very high tones, this is the one for you and a perfect equivalent to the deep sounding Gong.

Cheng Cheng (Balinese)

Royalty Free Music & Instrument Sound Effects-Balinese Gamelan

As I mention before these sounds are not in studio quality. We did all recordings in the garden at night time and recorded all sounds the best we could.

This Gamelan library is free of charge but if you are looking for more Gamelan sounds Ableton sells 20 presets for 79 USD on their website. I found another Gamelan sample pack for 349 USD online created by Sample Logic.

If you know how to create a Kontact library you can use these sound effects, royalty-free without asking me to create your own samples. 

Field Recording Equipment

Zoom F4 449 USD
Zoom F8n 999 USD
DPA 4060 1199 USD
AKG C411 109 USD

Download Royalty Free Music & Instrument Sound Effects-Gamelan

These Gamelan sound effects are free of charge!!!
Click on “Download”, type in “0” or any contribution you want. Only 1 USD makes already a huge difference. I pay 75 USD for 5000 free downloads On Bandcamp.

Choose “WAV” and not mp3 for the high-quality files.
If you can’t see the media player down below, make sure to turn off your adblocker or use a different browser.
If you have already access to my “Pro Edit Library(ask me for the new links!!) you will find these recordings in the “Edit By Marcel Category”!

Category: Sounds Of Indonesia, Traditional Music, Royalty Free Music  
Type: Royalty Free Music & Instrument Sound Effects
Specs: 26 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 3 GB • +700 Single Sounds
Review & Download Metadata & Description  
Duration: 45 min 
Equipment:Zoom F8n, Zoom F4, DPA 4060, AKG C411, Contact Microphone
License types: standard license, royalty-free, single & multi user license

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