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Recording New York Sounds! Traffic, People & Subways!


This blog post is a very special one!  You will listen to amazing & authentic sounds from New York City! Libby shot a wedding in New York City and spent 3 days in this “never sleeping” city!

Her schedule was packed with shooting but she could spare some hours roaming around New York to record sounds for our website FreeToUseSounds! I waited in Orange County and she took the Zoom H6 for recordings!

That is what I love about the Zoom H6. Quick and handy without tons of knobs or buttons you have to switch. Turn on the recorder, check your levels and the rest does the recorder.

This blog post is pretty long and if you don’t have the time to read you can just hit the download button in the header. That brings you automatically to the media player at the bottom of this post.

Listen One Hour To New York City Sounds On YouTube For Sleep

Libby did sound recordings in ten different locations including a typical rush hour recording, people walking and talking on the streets recordings in the subway station and in trains!

New York Sounds

Recording Locations New York Sounds

Sound Recording Number 1

New York City Traffic Rush Hour & Cars Honking at Mercer and Broome Street!

What do you hear?
-A motorbike is starting and speeding
-Construction in the background
-People walking by
-A lot of horn sounds
-Traffic Jam on a traffic light
-Hammering in the background

New York City Sound Effects

Sound Number 2

New York City Traffic Sounds on Cobble Stone at Mercer Street!

What do you hear?
Cars driving on Cobblestone
People laughing
A skateboarder comes by
Another Car on cobblestone
beeping sound in the background
horns in the background
more cars on cobblestone

New York Sounds

Sound Number 3

New York City Traffic and People at 5th Avenue and East 18th street outside H&M

What do you hear?
-Horn and construction in the background
-Truck beeping and driving sound
-horns and birds
-people talking and walking by
-cars driving by
-A person pushed a wagon and walks by
-a cyclist drives by
-door closing of a truck
-A big truck drives by

New York Sounds

Sound Number 4

New York City Traffic, People & Construction at Mercer and Blecker Street

What do you hear?
-Big Construction in the Background and Truck Beeping Sound
-Sounds like a huge hydraulic hammer
-Police Sirene
-Motorbike Drives away
-Police sirene in the background
-A car drives by
-A car drives away fast

New York City Sounds

Sound Number 5

C Train Sounds to Brooklyn

What do you hear?
In the train with open window
A lot of rumbling noise
braking brakes
another train comes in
high pitch sound
water dripping sound
squeaking brakes until the train stopped
Somebody eats something and opened a bag
arriving next station
typical new york city train sound

New York Sounds

Sound Number 6

New York City Subway Sound Part Two In the W Local Train Subway Station

What do you hear!
-Train Arrives!
-People Talking
-Horns in the Background
-People laughing
-The Train is running but not moving
-Train started to drive
-Doors open and Doors are closing
-People talking on the train
-Arriving 30th Avenue next stop Broadway
-People Laughing
-Arriving Broadway
-Doors open and closing

Because I don’t know about copyright issues I took out all automatic announcements and beep sounds to make sure everything will be ok.

New York Subway Sounds

Sound Number 7

C Train to Queens

What do you hear?
Ambiance in the Subway Station
Doors Closing
Train Starts driving

Because I don’t know about copyright issues I took out all automatic announcements and beep sounds to make sure everything will be ok.

New York Sounds

Sound Number 8

New York City, Queens Neighborhood Sound Part One in Queens

While living in Queens, Libby recorded this sound from the window facing down to the street.

What do you hear?
-People walking by
-A Bird fly away

-A car engine started and drives away
-A Men with a trolley walked by
-A car drives by
-Somebody closed a door
-Libby turned the volume down!
-Door Closing
-Another car drives by
-A car horn
-Something is clicking on a fence
-Another car drives by
-The clicking comes closer and goes away
-Another car drives by
-Another car drives by
-Car door closing
-People talking in the background
-Birds still chirping
-Door closing
-Another clicking sound
-Somebody gives a kiss
-A car drives by
-Somebody is spitting on the street
-A car drives by
-A truck drives by
-Another car drives by

New York Sounds

Sound Number 9

New York City, Queens Neighborhood Sound Part Two at Queens Street

What do you hear?
-Birds in the Air
-Car Drives by
-A horn in the background
-Pedestrians walking by
-You can hear a truck backing up beeping sound
-Somebody dropped a coin
-A car drives by
-A truck in the background
-A car drives by
-Somebody must move metal on the street
-You can hear people talking and the trucks beeping sound.
-A Person walked by
-Somebody is spitting again
-A car drives by

New York Sounds

Sound Number 10

New York City Traffic & People in Queens Part Three on a busy lively street

What do you hear?
-Car stopped with running engine
-Horning in the background
-A Car started and people walking by
-A Train in the Background
-People talking and walking by
-Somebody must have a key in the hand
-The train stopped and a truck drives by
-Somebody dropped something and a car is horning
-Running car and the Guy in the car is still horning
-Kids walking by
-Horn in the background and the truck drives away
-The train starts to move and is gone.
-Somebody with a trolley walked by

Brooklyn Sounds

These are all the sound that Libby recorded in one day and I think these are some amazing and helpful New York City Sound Effects! I hope next time I can visit the city with her and then I am going to create another epic library from New York!

New York City Sound Effects

I love New York City. The reason I live in New York City is because it’s the loudest city on the planet Earth. It’s so loud I never have to listen to any of the shit that’s going on in my own head. It’s really loud. They literally have guys come with jackhammers and they drill the streets and just leave cones in front of your apartment; you don’t even know why. Garbage men come; they don’t pick up the garbage, they just bang the cans together.

Lewis Black

Field Recording Equipment

Zoom H6 With M/S Microphone

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