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Recording New York City Sounds! Traffic, Airport, People & Subways Vol. 02!

Hello, New York City Sounds Vol. 2! This is a brand new sound library from the “Big Apple” and was recorded in March 2019.

Our New York City Sounds Vol. 01 has been one of our most downloaded albums of all time. With over 1600 downloads, this library has been used across the world for all types of projects!

Sound Compilation New York City Sound Library


The hustle of a chilly NYC afternoon!

To record this much-anticipated Volume 2, Libby had quite the journey. First, we flew together from Singapore to Cyprus. If you haven’t heard about Cyprus yet, it is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean and has been one of our favorite countries to stay while traveling around the world.

In 2016, we lived three months in Cyprus and fell in love with the country, the people, the laid back vibes, and of course the food. We hope someday you can check it out for yourself!

Sorry, I digress… Back to Libby’s journey to the USA. Shortly after arriving in Cyprus, Libby was offered an epic 3-day wedding videography job in Aspen, Colorado. Perhaps you’re wondering… why would anyone hire to fly someone over 6,600 miles from the other side of the world to shoot in the States? Aren’t there enough videographers there?


Overlooking the beautiful Colorado mountains at sunset.


Well, the answer is pretty clear… She’s one of the best female videographers in the industry and has worked for an established wedding videography companies for nearly 10 years! Libby has shot weddings for celebrities, professional athletes, business moguls, and well-known musicians. We wish we could share more about this wedding in Aspen but Libby actually signed an NDA.

She took the plane from Larnaca to Doha, from Doha to NYC and had an 11- hour layover before heading to Denver. While in New York, she spent her time (jet-lagged with 17 hours already traveled on the plane) to record around the city.


That is New York City 🙂


What Sounds Can You Expect

While in NYC, Libby used her time wisely to capture as many sounds as she could. This “stopover” gave her enough time to record sounds inside the airport, around Jamaica, on subway trains, subway train stations at Broadway and Times Square.


John F. Kennedy Airport

Recording sounds at the airport was very challenging because of the music but she was able to find several areas without music. Especially at the gate. She recorded medium to large crowd walla, beeping sounds, announcements, kids playing around, boarding the aircraft, using travelator and suitcase rollings at Terminal 7 and Terminal 6.

Airport Crowd Sound Effects


Subway Station & Train Interior E-Train, F-Train

This sound library has mostly train sounds recorded between JFK Airport, Jamaica Station, Broadway and Times Square underground. Expect sounds from busy subway stations with lots of crowd walla, footsteps, beepings from the gate and security clearance, trains arriving, trains leaving, doors open and closing, train rumble, railway clicks on the station and from inside the trains with open windows.

Train Sound Effects, New York City


Broadway & Times Square

Leaving the train stations and walking around these two locations Libby was able to capture some great crowd sounds and ambiance with vehicles honkings, traffic sounds including cars, trucks, and buses, Police sirens, footsteps, people walking by, even security walkie-talkie sounds and many many more.

Pedestrian Walking On The Street


Field Recording Stealth Recording Gear

To record these sounds Libby chose the “discreet” way by using two omnidirectional microphones that were hidden on the side of the camera backpack. Inside the bag was the recorder. We love using Usi Pro and Usi Pro Micro by Lom, the Zoom F4 and the Lowe ProTactic 450 bag for these situations.

Stealth Recording Gear

You can never have enough New York City sounds and together with Vol 01, you get almost three hours and a great new selection of different sounds captured across this vibrant city.

In May we’re staying in Denver, Colorado which means more nature and city sounds from the United States will be published soon.

Download New York City Sound Effects Library Vol. 02

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