Locker Doors Sound Effects! High School Vol 01

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This premium locker doors sound effects library featured 75 locker doors recorded inside the Denver East High School.

I spent two days roaming around the Denver East High School and recorded sounds like room tone, emergency & entrance doors in the hallway and class rooms. I got some amazing machine sounds down in the basement (release coming soon) and of course the sound of locker doors.

Sound Compilation Locker Doors Sound Effects

The locker doors in this part of the buildings have all different dimensions and each one has its own character. I recorded the sound of the doors while open and closing. From small lockers, large long lockers and the actually football team lockers. These metal locker doors have hand knobs and needed to be turned left or right to be opened and closed. Together with the unique room tone it sounded already amazing!

I also included door sound effects from lockers I found in the high school hallway. Most doors are closed but a few were open and these doors have a combination lock in front of the door. I recorded this sound while turning the wheels as well!

This is the very first sound library release from the Denver East High School and three more will come!

All sounds inside this library can be used royalty free in any of your production without limitations. Review Metadata!

Download Locker Door Sound Library On Bandcamp

If you can’t wait for the other releases, all high school sound effects are already inside the All In One Bundle with room tones, doors and all other sounds recorded inside the high school! Over 300 recordings in total!

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