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Recording Kitten Meows Sound Effects in Animal Clinic Denpasar

A few weeks ago when we lived in Bali we came across a street dog and he needed urgent help! He was starving, had almost no hair and open wounds all over his body. We rescued him together with BAWA Bali and drove down to the Clinic “Sunset Vet in South Kuta.

We finally arrived at the animal hospital and he got all the treatment he needed. After he went into his box, he fell asleep immediately and you could tell that he knew that he is now in a safe environment. He was almost 21 days in care and  I am always in contact with BAWA and he finally found a foster home and he gets better and better. This is the latest photo of him.

dog rescue baliIf this is your first time reading about it, this is a photo after we found him.

animal rescue BaliHe wasn’t alone in the room. Other dogs and cats are in it and one little kitten to the left couldn’t stop crying, One of the staff found her a few days ago dumped on the street. She was the only one who survived.

While I was waiting and hanging out with “Van Damme” I placed my recorder next to the kitten. The track is only one minute long but I am not only recording her crying,  I also capture an overall background soundscape of the hospital.

Kitten Meows Sound Effects

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