Jungle Sounds After Midnight, Thailand

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Recording Jungle Sounds after midnight in Thailand

I recorded these jungle sounds around midnight until almost 3 AM. Driving up to Doi Suthep and deeper in the jungle around 11 pm and just to be far enough from airplanes, traffic or city sounds.

The drive is about 25 minutes and after a while, I left the main road and went into a small side road. I passed a small bridge and drove deeper and deeper into the darkness. No clouds in the sky, the moon was beautiful and bright with zero wind the whole time.

At some point, I turned into a field road and kept on driving uphill. All that I thought was. “Please, no flat tire”.

I followed the path and could capture all these wonderful sounds. I forgot my camera to take pictures but I love to share with you the area on Google maps.

Location where I recorded the Jungle Sounds

Being alone in the jungle sounds maybe a little bit scary and to be honest I had several situations I was almost ready to leave but then I knew I might miss out some great sounds. We have rain season and you never know when the rain comes so I kept on searching and listening to more sounds.

Listen To One Hour Relaxing Jungle Sounds on YouTube To Fall Asleep

If you listen with headphones you can hear every single crackling in the bushes and it gives you goosebumps but on the other hand, it was so much fun sitting there alone and listen to all the great sounds and what the forest with all its animals has to say. If you are a field recorder, you know what I mean.
These are priceless moments and I had fun creating this album for you. If you like the sounds and you feel like you can use them for your next projects just hit the download button.

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Category: Nature, Jungle Sounds, Animals, Birds, Frogs, Sounds Of Thailand
Type: Jungle Sounds & Forest Ambience
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Duration: 62 min
Equipment: Zoom F4, Zoom H6, DPA 4060
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Dave July 9, 2018 at 7:10 pm

What just happened is insane. I opened your page and played the preview file. In the background I had an ambient/chill music and paused it, but it didn’t actually pause, so both of the stuff kept playing for 7 mins, without even noticing it, haha!

freesounds July 17, 2018 at 3:28 am

That is so awesome Dave 🙂 Make sure to check out my new sounds that I have already uploaded! Greetings from Thailand. And by the way, we heading to Bali and Singapore and I promise I will get some amazing new soundscape from there as well!


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