In-Flight Aircraft & Airplane Interior Sound Effects! Airbus 320 Volume One

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Its time for another in-flight sound effects for you Guys and in the last months Libby and I flew a lot across the world and I recorded not only in airports also inside the aircraft. I am working on several sounds right now picking out the sounds that I like and create albums out of it that I upload to Bandcamp and into my “Secret Sound Library”. If you have already access go ahead and you find them in the Bandcamp category.

For the next couple of days, I am only uploading in-flight sounds and I am starting with the Airbus 320 from Denpasar to Singapore.

It’s fun to re-listen to all these sounds and remembering the time when we went there. So much happens since then and I like it. I don’t have always the recorder on record. Just when I am in the mood for it but in the next couple of days I upload so many different varieties of in-flight sounds that will cover a lot of sounds you might like.

Aircraft Passenger Sound Effects

Next, to the typical people boarding sounds I also have announcements for you but I pitched the voice a little bit and in several albums that I will upload I removed the background noise.

In the first album, I have recorded following aircraft sounds and cut out the best parts and created individual tracks.

Airbus 320 Denpasar- Singapore

Sound 1 :
-People boarding the plane (passenger sound effects
-fasten seatbelt
-people walking around, talking and storing the luggage
coughing, sneezing.
engine running

Sound 2
-Airbus 320 Cabin Crew Announcement Sound Effects
Aircraft Background Noise

Sound 3
Aircraft Background Noise People Walla
Opening Luggage Door Outside (Higher Sound
Luggage Loading
Fasten Seatbelt
People laughing

Sound 4
Airbus 320 Captain Speaking
People Walla in Background
Kid Playing with Toys

Sound 5
Airbus 320 Cabin Crew
Check (Microphone Check?)
Little Kid In Background

Sound 6
Airbus 320
-people seated and talking, Engine slowly started.
-incredible hum sound effect from the engine

Sound 7
Airbus 320 Cabin Crew Announcement
Safety Feature
People talking and preparing for take off
Engine Sound

Sound 8
Driving to the take of field
people talking
feeling the vibration of the road
keeping the mic rumble
preparing to take off

Sound 9
Airbus 320 Flight Crew Announcement
Ready for take off

Sound 10
Airbus 320 TakeOff
Rolling of the field
Engine boost
Takeoff in the air
Beeping Sound

Sound 11
Airbus 320 Inflight Sound
Beep only

Sound 12
Airbus 320 Landing Process
Nobody talks
Squeaking Chairs

Sound 13
Airbus 320
Landed Singapore Airport
Crew Announcement

… and now I invite you to download these in-flight sound effects from my Bandcamp Account!

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