Foley Sound Effects – Rusty Levers Broken Glass & Metallic Hits

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Recording foley sound effects in an abandoned mine in Cyprus.

My “foley” studio is the world and to find great and unique sounds, I have to go out and find them. Sometimes I visit very unusual places like the abandoned mine in Mitsero, Cyprus.

We recorded on several locations. With a hammer I recorded impact sounds on different metallic surface inside the building.

I shuffled broken window glasses with my shoes and was able to capture probably one of the best sound effects outside.

foley sound effects

The two levers I found above the mine shaft created an intense rusty squeaking sounds that blow me away. Very spooky and just perfect for sound design or experimental music makers. 

If you are looking for mechanical sound effects, we thing this one is for you! As always, you can download these free sound effects royalty free for any commercial or non commercial use. 

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