Bird Sounds & The Herons of Petulu, Bali

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Bird Sounds recorded in a little village outside of Ubud, Bali!

I love reading the Lonely Planet and in other blogs about the suggestion coming at 5 PM in the evening to Petulu. That means nobody knows about the magic that happens in the morning and not being surrounded by tourist. And you don’t pay for entrance.

I came around 5 PM (what was a little bit too early ) and if you want to see 20000 birds in the sky like the Lonely Planet described you should come in April or May when the babies are ready to fly!

I went a few days earlier at 5 PM evening and let me tell you it is not like what you may think from the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” that you see a wall of birds flying at once into the village and the sky is covered in birds.

They coming slowly from all direction and I could only see a few hundred. The real magic happens in the morning when all birds are sleeping and you can see and listen how slowly everything and everybody wakes up in the village together!

This is the moment when you see thousands of birds leaving and circulating in the sky. Together with the upcoming sun in the background, it was one of the best things I have ever seen and of course recorded!

bird sounds

If you think NYC, Saigon or Berlin is noisy this village bets them all. It is so loud I can’t even explain it. I had the headphones on and was speechless. But you can listen for yourself!

The herons started talking and looked at me from the tree to my left! “Who is this guy” the might think? All roosters in the village are now at full force “Cock A Doodle Doo”! People leaving the house and cleaning the street.  The temple guard woke up the village with some massive bell hittings! Luckily I was just across the street so I could record this sound as well! I wouldn’t call it a bell it is more like a huge hollow sounding piece of wooden.

If you need a new wake up ringtone or you don’t like your neighbors this sound will be perfect for that! 🙂

bird sounds

I got an email to put more of these pieces of information in the blog post!

For the recordings, I used the DPA 4060 and the Zoom H6!
The file length is around 5 minutes and the bitrate is 96/24!
It is a royalty-free license under Creative Commons 4.0!
You can use the sound commercial and non-commercial with no questions asked!

I recorded the sound right here! The overlook is not on Google Maps but I was above the toilets on the left site!

If you come at evening you have to pay a entry fee and I think it was 20000 Rupiah. In the morning you don’t have to pay anything. Just a friendly smile to the curious people who also think wy is a “tourist” here so early?

and now I invite you to download this very interesting and special morning sound from Bali!

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