Vietnam Qatar U23 Semi-Final! Fans In The Streets Of Hoi An!

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Sometimes it is just luck if you are at the right time, on the right spot!
I was just coming home from my field recording trip and on my way, I saw many people sitting in these little street cafes and I knew that must be a soccer game but I had no idea who played.

Rycote On Location

I found it out pretty fast, I came back to Hoi An around 6:30 pm and people went crazy and I thought what happened? I made my research and I saw that Vietnam won the semi-final against Qatar and it seems like it was a real thriller and they won finally in the penalty shoot-out. The AFC final will be against Uzbekistan on Saturday. We are talking about U23 and I am so happy for the people of Vietnam because they celebrate this young team and went on the street. I watched later the highlights on TV and sadly the stadium was completely empty.
Not the streets in Vietnam and the team can be very proud of themselves to have such a strong fan base at home.

I hope the team will win the final and I can record more amazing fan soundscape!

Applause Cheering Sound Effects

 Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string.

– Pele

About the recordings!

As always, I have two recordings for you! The Version on SoundCloud and the Original Version.
I recorded 3 times but put all sound files in one track and you can decide what parts you like. The total length is around 10 minutes long.
I was driving and Libby was sitting behind me and we recorded this fan sounds while driving around the city! We recorded so man honking sounds, people cheering, clapping and screaming. Sometimes you can hear “VIETNAM”! Really cool. I had the H6 around my neck and Libby had the Rycote Blimp in her hand. I didn’t drive slow but still, there is no wind noise. I was wondering how it would sound like but there is seriously nothing. What is incredible! Sorry that the photos didn’t come out well. We should have brought the Sony with us. But maybe next Saturday and now feel free to download both versions and enjoy the sound.

SoundCloud Version!

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Original Version!

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