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Welcome To The Famous Venice Beach Drum Circle!

I knew from the Venice Beach Drum Circle since a while and when you walk around Venice you see and hear street music everywhere and I could record here for hours! But my goal was to find the Drum Circle!
Finally, I could make it and could record this incredible sound for about two hours!

Venice Beach California

I met very nice and interesting people like Kurt Kelly or Daniel who was one of the Drummers! And thank you again for giving me a ride back to my car at night time!:).

A few other people came up to me and ask me if I record this for a film or movie production! Could be possible if you run around with this kind of equipment around Los Angeles! I always tell them that I travel around the world and start recording sounds for anybody and everybody in this world who needs it and this for free!
The first reaction is Always “WOW”! And if you read this? I really enjoy doing this and it makes me happy!

Venice Beach is clearly a completely different beach than any other beach in this world and not a place where you should hang around at night time!
When you walk around at daytime you see so many characters and often times I thought this person would fit perfect in a strange movie!Venice Beach California

It is a just a cool area where people roaming around, shopping, jogging, skating, skateboarding and hanging out at the muscle beach where Arnold Schwarzenegger started his career and made this place so famous as well! But also many homeless people. People who sell drugs and do all kind of crazy stuff! So be careful!

skateboarding at venice beach

And in the middle of all this there is the Venice Beach Drum Circle with these amazing group of artists with their drums, water jugs, cans with sand, guitars or even keyboards who are coming from all across the world to meet and sit in this circle right here every Saturday and Sunday to start playing together this unstructured, or let me say, unorganized music what sounds just wonderful until the sun goes down!

Venice Beach Sunset

So if you are in Venice on a weekend day walk at the end of Brooks Avenue to the Ocean Front Walk. Then walk along the beach if you still can’t find it, try to listen to the sound of the drums or ask people who are working in the shops! Everybody knows about the drum circle.
If you finally made it, take off your shoes and start dancing!
And look around who is dancing with you because you never know who it could be. Like Sharon Stone for example! She was there just the week before!

Walk 100 meters from this location. That is where I recorded the sound!

If you want more informations about the Venice Beach Drum Circle here is the WEBSITE and two Blog Post from Omar Sherif! Here and Here!

…and now enjoy the sound!!

You can download the files from my Account! The wave file is about 4.2 GB but I broke it up into 7 separate files and each file is 20 minutes long except the last file.
I did this so that you don’t need to download the whole file if you think you find a great part that could fit into your project!
What I also like about is that it creates automatic FLAC files. These files are even smaller but still provide a great sound quality!

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John Tenney August 30, 2017 at 6:25 pm

Very nice, Marcel, thanks!!

freesounds September 1, 2017 at 7:23 pm

Thank you John!! I hope you can use it!!


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