Motorcade Sound Effects Reporter & Crowds – Kim Jong Un Donald Trump Hanoi

Motorcade Sound Effects Reporter & Crowds

Recording Convoy Sounds -Motorcade Sound Effects & crowds/reporter walla at the Summit between USA & North Korea. After I finished my motorbike road trip across Vietnam I decided to spend the last 3 weeks in Hanoi. My intention was to create another expansive sound library in the capital. Similar to my Ho Chi Minh Sound […]

Supermarket Sound Effects – Grocery Store Ambience

supermarket sound effects singapore

Recordings bustling supermarket sound effects in Singapore I think most of the field recorder out there would agree with me that supermarket ambiance is one of the trickiest sounds to get if you are looking for a “clean” recording. I went to so many bustling stores and thought “what a great walla” but knew I […]

Airport Sound Effects Library – Hong Kong

Airport Sound Effects Library Hong Kong International Airport

International Airport Sound Effects Library Hong Kong! I think flying into Hongkong was one of the most interesting and beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Sadly we had only one and a half hour at the international airport in Hong Kong and we had to rush to catch our connecting flight to Japan. I remember […]

Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects Thailand

Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects

Recording Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects in Chiangmai, Thailand Welcome to Chiangmai’s famous “Gate Market”. I am not 100 percent sure if this market is one of the only ones which is open in the morning and at night. Before I went down to the market I prepared my new Zoom F4 field recorder and […]

Asia Crowds Market Sound Effects – Vietnam

Asia Crowds Market Sound Effects

Recording Asia Crowds Market Sound Effects In The Morning – Hoi An Farmers Market, Vietnam I love waking up super early in the morning! Yes, I really do because not only you get stuff done it is just awesome to  be a part of a special “crowd” of people. I believe morning people are the more […]

Airport Sound Effects Library ! Incheon Airport Seoul

Korean Sound Effects! Incheon Airport Sounds Seoul

One of my Korean sound effects or Korean ambience that I could record at the Incheon Airport in Seoul! This is the next airport sound that I have for you and I have so much more to share in the upcoming weeks. A sound recording inside an airport is always something special and if you […]

Festivals Crowds Sound Effects -Queima das Fitas -Porto

Festivals Crowds Sound Effects

Recordings Festivals Crowds Sound Effects & City Ambience in Porto, Portugal The Burning of Ribbons or Queima das Fitas is a festive festival that always begins on the first Friday of May. Luckily we spent one week in Porto when this traditional festival took place and I was able to record some amazing crowd sounds. Listen […]

Airport Sound Effects Library – Los Angeles LAX

airport sound effects Los Angeles

Airport Sound Effects Library Los Angeles While living in Los Angeles I was able to record airport sounds in one of the busiest airports worldwide and you can download them for free! I recorded: binaural recordings at terminal 3 with check-in binaural recording Delta terminal 2-3 with awesome crowd walla and traffic sound recordings outside […]

Human Sounds! Crowds Convention Center

Party People Sound Effect

In this blog post, I have some awesome high-quality human sounds or “walla” sounds (wall of people) for you recorded. You can use these effects in any of your film, game, or music productions! I just love being creative and learning the process of sound design is so much fun! To make it super easy to […]

Black Friday People Walla Ambient At A Department Store

You can find the free download link for this sound down below! I never experienced the craziness of Black Friday and we weren’t in a big town like Los Angeles where I bet Black Friday is even worse when it comes to shopping! We are in a small town in Iowa called Sioux City and […]

Brazil Sounds! Rio De Janeiro Farmers Market

Brazil Sounds

Hi Guys! In this blog post, I have two Brazil sounds for you! One is a pretty sad one about a bird ( I explain later in the post) and the other one is at a very local farmers market with zero tourist character! I didn’t record the sound, my girlfriend did while she was […]

Cabin Announcement Sound Effects Airlines Inflight Safety

Cabin Announcement Sound Effects

Recording Cabin Announcement Sound Effects inside several airplanes! These high quality  sound libraries taking you above the clouds! While traveling around the world Libby and I recorded on many flights the interior sound effects of different airplanes and airlines! What We Recorded This is an extensive and always growing collection of soundscapes recorded on different aircrafts […]