Garage Door Sounds Electronic!

garage door sounds

Garage Door Sounds | Electronic | Rusty & Squeaky Recording garage door sound effects open & closing! While visiting Libby’s sisters’ home in Sioux City, Iowa we discovered an audio record worthy squeaky garage door. This electronic door has been running since the early 2000s but in my opinion, it sounds much older, spooky and […]

Door Knocker Sound Effect | Old & Spooky

door knocker sound effect

Recording a door knocker sound effect on old spooky door in an abandoned village near Chiang Mai, Thailand!   The door on this abandoned house had two knockers and I recorded the sounds of the left one and the right one.  If you are into urban exploring or you like to know how we found […]

Free Wind Sound Effects – Spooky Costa Rica

Spooky Wind Sound Effects

Free wind sound effects recorded at night in Costa Rica! What a journey to get here! It took us four flights coming from Tokyo and a two hours Taxi ride from Liberia but we now we are finally in Costa Rica. Listen To The Wind Sounds Our AirBnB in Samara was just perfect and we […]

“The Unknown” Episode Two – Run

The Unknown Trailer

“The Unknown RUN” is the second episode of a fun series that I create out of sounds that I recorded all across the world. Let your own imagination flow when a voice hunts you! I created an Album on Bandcamp where you can download all the Soundtracks that I used to create Part 2! A […]

Spooky Sounds! Old Window Blinds & Shutters Sound

spooky sounds

Nothing is better than spooky sounds! But what is even better if its natural! While living in my friend’s place in Germany I realized he has super old window blinds and these blinds create a very unusual sound. I have never seen this kind of window blinds in the US. The room will be completely […]

Running Sounds & Footsteps Sound Effects In Wet Tunnel

running sounds

Recording running sounds & footsteps sound effects on wet concrete in a tunnel with natural reverb in Germany! The other day, on a nice bike ride we discovered a unique tunnel lined with corrugated iron. While we rode through the tunnel it created a hallowed echo sound. We knew we had to come back with our […]

Elevator Sounds! Spooky Sound Effects Portugal

elevator sounds

We spent 10 days in Porto & in ours Airbnb was this very very old elevator & I could record these elevator sounds. First, I had to open this heavy door made of steel! The door closed from alone. because of this old closing mechanism. You push or pull it and it swings back from […]

Wind Sounds At Night Time! A Palm Tree At Balboa Island

wind sounds

It was already night time when I went down to the Balboa Island to record these wind sounds, what is just a 15 minutes drive from where we live. How did I record this wind sounds? Well, recording wind is not so easy here in Orange County. Most of the time, since we are here, […]

Cracking Sounds Wood + Footsteps Sound Effects

cracking sounds

Maybe these cracking sounds could be part in your next spooky Halloween sound project? I drove one hour to the St. Gabriel Canyon and I was trying to get some nature sounds! I stopped the car on the shoulder and walked down a small path. I came across this interesting place with this concrete in […]

Hollywood Night Sound Effects Los Angeles

Hollywood Sound Effects & Night Sounds

Welcome to my Los Angeles Night Sound Effects! This time we recording around a lonely dark street around Hollywood around midnight. I really hope you Guys enjoy and get some really good use out of this sound because it cost me some nerves! But these are just some beginner mistakes. Putting up a tripod with […]