Horror Sounds! Creaking Stairway Old House 1929

Creaky Stair Sound Effect

While staying for Thanksgiving in Iowa we visited Libby’s dad and I could record these horror sounds! He lives in this very very old house from 1929! It is built in this colonial style and had multiple floors. The house is huge and has an unbelievable amount of rooms and her father has in one […]

Helicopter Sounds. Flying above Siem Reap, Cambodia

helicopter sounds

It was night time in Cambodia and I was listening to this helicopter sounds at night. We lived in Siem Reap for about one month and rented an apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood. We have a video about our apartment and we are still in contact with the owner so if you are interested […]

Stadium Sounds Staples Center Icehockey

Stadium Sounds

It is all about Ice Hockey and I recorded these stadium sounds at the Staples Center in Downton, LA! I went to the Staples Center to watch my first Ice Hockey Game and hoped to record some amazing stadium crowd sound effects! I wasn’t sure if I should bring my full audio equipment or not […]

Squeaking Sound Effects Mirror

Squeaking Sound Effects

Recording squeaking sound effects on a mirror with window cleaner! Have you ever cleaned a mirror or window and heard that satisfying echo squeak that the surface makes when you rub away the Windex? Well, I’m a little fixated on the sound it produces. The ultimate sound combo is uber vibrational squeak accompanied by the spray […]