Museum Sound Library – Japanese Sound Effects

Museum Sound Library

This royalty free sound library features recordings from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum including walla of an international crowd and movements. The main museum was under construction by the time I recorded the ambience. People gathered on two floors and created this interesting soundscape. The rooms are very small so people are very tight together […]

Royalty Free Toilet Flush Sound Effects

royalty free Toilet Flush Sound Effects

 Royalty free toilet flush sound effects recorded worldwide! In this toilet flush library, you will find different toilet flush sound effects recorded while traveling across the world. The idea to record toilet flushes came to me, oh wonder, in a public toilet in Los Angeles. I listened to the weirdest toilet sound I ever had […]

Interior Sound Effects Interstate Sounds Los Angeles

Driving in Los Angeles

Recording Interior Sounds & Interstate Sound Effects from Orange County to Los Angeles at  night The sound that I have for you today was a sound request from Daniel who would love to have an in-car driving sound from the Interstates for sleep reasons. Libby was in Silverlake at the time and I drove the […]

Ice Makers Machines Sound Effects – Motel 6

Ice Makers Machines Sound Effects

Recording Ice Makers Machines Sound Effects at Motel 6! After spending 3 wonderful days in Boulder, Colorado we had to hit the road to Costa Mesa, California. We planned one stop on the road and we decided to stay at Motel 6 in Cedar City, Utah! It was a 600 miles stunning road trip but at […]