Shibuya Crossing Soundscape Tokyo, Japan

world busiest intersection, shibuya

Scroll down to download & listen to the soundscape of Shibuya Crossing! When we meet people and they ask me what is your favorite country in the world? I will always say Japan!! Of course, the next question is to 99.9 % why? That is my favorite part because now I can talk for hours […]

Japan Sound Effects Walk To Sensoji Temple & Omikuji Tokyo

Japan Sound Effects

Recording Japan Sound Effects in Tokyo! This recording is one of my favorites from Japan. We went with the train to Asakusa and visited the oldest temple in Tokyo. The famous Sensoji temple. Before we entered the temple I recorded the sound at the Nakamise shopping street. This street is around 250 meters long and […]

Japan Crowds Sound Effects Tōshōdai-ji Temple

todai-ji-temple Nara Park Japan

Recording Japan Crowds Sound Effects at Tōshōdai-ji Temple! Japan Sound Library Update: I have now 100 pre-edited and unpublished sounds in the library if you don’t want to wait for the release! While traveling around Japan in our camper van we came across the beautiful Nara Park and took half of the day to explore the park […]

Slot Machine Sound Effects, Pachinko Tokyo!

Slot Machine Sound Effects, Pachinko Tokyo!

Recording Slot Machine Sound Effects at a Pachinko parlor in Tokyo, Japan! We are finally in Chiangmai, Thailand and settled for the next 3 months and let me tell you, we had a hard time finding the right apartments. We went to at least 12 different condos but we never felt comfortable. But now we […]

Kitchen Sound Effects! Japanese Restaurant

Kitchen Sound Effects

Recording Kitchen Sound Effects in a Japanese restaurant in Hiroshima! Hello from Costa Rica! It is hot in Samara but looking back to the weather in Japan I rather stay here now :)! We booked our flight to Houston for the 24th of April and maybe heading over to Chiangmai, Thailand. But lets talk  briefly […]

Train Sound Effects Japan & Subway Sound Effects Japan

train sound effects japan

Recording Train Sound Effects Japan & Subway Sound Effects in Japan In this blog post, I love to share with you all the train sounds that I have recorded in Japan while traveling around in our campervan! I only had a few hours in Tokyo and Osaka but got some really nice recordings in the city […]

Shinkansen Sound Effects! Fastest Trains In The World

Shinkansen Sound Effects

Recording Shinkansen Sound Effects in Japan! Oh, that was fun! Libby and I drove from Osaka to Hiroshima and we always see these huge walls of concrete with the railway lines for the Shinkansen! I always want to record this sound, but often times these lines are right next to busy streets with a lot […]

Drum Sound Effects “Kodo O Daiko”, Japan

Drum Sound Effects

Recording Drum Sound Effects “Kodo O Daiko” in Japan! Sometimes it is just luck that I could record these sound effects! If we are in Japan we always sleep at “Park and Sleep Areas” or so-called “Michi-no-Eki” in Japan. These parking rest stops are super clean, free of charge and if you are not leaving before […]

Tokyo Sounds, Akihabara Soundscape

Tokyo Sounds

Welcome to one of my Tokyo sounds recorded in Akihabara! We are already 5 days in Japan and I got some really nice sounds already that I am going to publish one by one if I have more time. We have only 2 weeks and a rental camper van and we like to just drive […]

ASMR Sound Effects! Japanese & Chinese Tea Cups ASMR

Water Filling and Pouring Sound Effect

Welcome to one of my relaxing ASMR sound effects! One of the most memorable moments of my life was when we were invited to a private tea room in Penang, Malaysia. It was a beautiful warm night outside of Georgetown and spent hours sipping on ancient tea. Some of the tea was so valuable and […]