Skatepark Sound Effects – Singapore

Skatepark Sound Effects

Recording skatepark sound effects in Singapore at night time! After Libby and I moved from Farrer Road to our new location in Tanah Merah I was able to record more sounds around the east coast of Singapore. We already left Singapore ( going back in November) but so far it was my favorite area to […]

Ferry Sounds At The Balboa Island Ferry! Boat Dock & Engine Sounds

ferry sounds

Welcome Aboard At The Balboa Island Ferry! Feel free listen to these ferry sounds!  After the recording of my Wind Sound on this Island, I knew there was the ferry point that connects Balboa Peninsula with the Balboa Island. It was almost midnight and I knew they closing the ferry at 12 pm. I was […]

Cracking Sounds Wood + Footsteps Sound Effects

cracking sounds

Maybe these cracking sounds could be part in your next spooky Halloween sound project? I drove one hour to the St. Gabriel Canyon and I was trying to get some nature sounds! I stopped the car on the shoulder and walked down a small path. I came across this interesting place with this concrete in […]