Prison Sounds & City Soundscape Kerobokan Denpasar

Kerobokan Prison in Denpasar.

Prison Sounds and city soundscape recorded in binaural audio around Kerobokan prison Denpasar.  While we are in Bali my friend Alan from Zapsplat asked me if I could record for him sound around the Kerobokan Prison in Denpasar and I lived in Ubud for a month so of course, I am going to do […]

Bird Chirping Sound Effects In City

Bird Chirping Sound Effects

Recording Bird Chirping Sound Effects at evening on busy intersection in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Maybe not Alfred Hitchcock but with a little bit of phantasy :)! Two nights ago we came from our way home and had to stop at this one intersection and couldn’t believe it. I took this photo at daytime. I am not sure […]

Tokyo Sounds, Akihabara Soundscape

Tokyo Sounds

Welcome to one of my Tokyo sounds recorded in Akihabara! We are already 5 days in Japan and I got some really nice sounds already that I am going to publish one by one if I have more time. We have only 2 weeks and a rental camper van and we like to just drive […]

Airport Sound Effects Library – Los Angeles LAX

airport sound effects Los Angeles

Airport Sound Effects Library Los Angeles While living in Los Angeles I was able to record airport sounds in one of the busiest airports worldwide and you can download them for free! I recorded: binaural recordings at terminal 3 with check-in binaural recording Delta terminal 2-3 with awesome crowd walla and traffic sound recordings outside […]

American Interstates Sound Effects! Including Jake Brake Sound Effect!

Best Interstate Traffic Sound Effects

SCROLL DOWN TO DOWNLOAD THIS SOUND FILE ↓ It is already more than a month ago but finally, I could upload all the files from our road trip from Iowa to California and I am more than happy to give these free sounds to you Guys! I remember it was already a long trip from Germany […]

Car Door Sounds! Open & Closing Sound Effects!

Car Door Open And Slam Sound Effect

Car Door Sounds! Open & Closing Sound Effects! Recorded at LAX Airport Parking Garage. Hi and Welcome to a new free sound effect! I had another sound request from a User on Reddit! He asks me if I could make it possible to record the sound of a slamming car door in a parking garage? […]

Night Ambience Los Angeles!

Night Ambience Los Angeles!

It is night time in Los Angeles and time for some Night Ambience recordings! I drove to the Santa Monica Blvd around 10 pm and stopped right at the Walgreen Parking next to the Intersection N.Highland Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. to do some night time traffic location sound recording. Besides the traffic is around […]

German Highway Sounds & Driving Sound Effects

German Highway Sounds

Recording German Highway Sounds & Driving Sound Effects above the “Bundesstrasse”. A little after the rush hour, we went to Bundesstrasse 465 in Biberach/Riss to capture audio. We positioned ourselves on a bridge overlooking the traffic to get the best angle of the cars and motorcycles passing by. Compared to our other German Highway sound, this one […]

50 Vintage, Classic Cars and Motorcycle Sound Effects

Vintage, Classic Cars and Motorcycle Sound Effects

Recording Vintage, Classic Cars and Motorcycle Sound Effects in Germany! We are in Biberach/Riss, Germany and by surprise, there was a vintage car and motorcycle meet up! Once a year, in the town square 50 cars and motorbikes are put on display for the locals to envy! After attending the gathering, we discovered that is also […]

Highway Sound Effects No Speed Limit Germany

highway speed sound effect

Recording Highway Sound Effects with no speed limit in Germany The sound of a highway without a speed limit is a great sound to hear! In this video, I record on a bridge on top of a busy and fast German Highway (also known as the Autobahn) It took me a decent amount of time to […]

Germany City Sound Effects Munich

Germany City Sound Effects

Recording City & Traffic Sound Effects In Munich, Germany While spending a short amount of time in Munich I went to an intersection and recorded traffic sounds on a busy intersection. The intersection has four traffic lights and roads crossing. Vehicles stopping and accelerating after the light switched to green. Location of the soundscape is […]