Suspenseful Clock Ticking Sounds! 60 Seconds With Explosion!

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Ticking sounds taking part in many movies! Dunkirk or Sherlock Holmes are only two examples and offering a really nice ticking sound to you Guys is such a pleasure. If I come across new ticking sounds I am going to create an album out of it!

How did I record these Ticking sounds?

We rented a house in Vietnam and I was just checking how the oven works. Horrible oven by the way. The temperature wasn’t even not even close 180 degrees.  After I gave up on the oven I do realize the ticking sound of the timer. It creates a great tick-tock sound if you turned it on.

Equipment I used for the ticking sound effects.

Our neighborhood is pretty noise here so I used the Soundman binaural microphones together with the Zoom H6 and fixed them as close as I could next to the rotary knob.
I recorded the ticking sound and the finish “Bing” that sounds after the 60 seconds.

I also created several version with a huge explosion after the 60 seconds! The Bomb Sound Effect is from the Adobe Sound Effect Library and can be used royalty free as well. Feel free to check out the Adobe Sound Effect Library! I watched a Jason Levine “How To Do Sound Design” and he mentions this royalty free sound library.  All other sounds that you listen to are all recorded by myself.

Listen to the timer sounds with the bomb explosion and download them for free!

Download File

Listen to the faster winding up version!

Download File

I found a really nice Piano play on what can be used under CC0. Here is the link to the original piece. I looped it so that I can use it for this.

Download File

Download the original version from Dropbox!

Version Three, Original Version

Download File

Get Complete Library

Download Complete Sound Library


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