Slot Machine Sound Effects, Pachinko Tokyo!

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Recording Slot Machine Sound Effects at a Pachinko parlor in Tokyo, Japan!

We are finally in Chiangmai, Thailand and settled for the next 3 months and let me tell you, we had a hard time finding the right apartments. We went to at least 12 different condos but we never felt comfortable.

But now we are super happy because we went to the condo we already lived 2 years ago and its perfect for us. “The Shine” has everything that we need and the staff is great.
We have a bigger apartment then the last time but if you are interested in coming to Chiangmai, we made this video two years ago.

For the next three months, I am uploading many new sounds from the past and I also will be out in the field, recording more sounds from Thailand!

I also got the new Zoom F4 and can’t wait to record with this device!

The sound that I love to share with you in this post is from Japan and it was a sound request.
Someone sent me a message after hearing the restaurant sound from Hiroshima and he asked me if I could record sound in these famous Pachinko halls.
I had this on my bucket list and we went to Akihabara, walked around and a door opened to my right site and a hammering, loud “noise” came into my ears.

That was the perfect moment. I put my recorder in the bag and placed my DPA left and right on my hip. I walked into the pachinko parlor, looked around and the room noise is so loud, I couldn’t believe it that people can sit here for hours and playing with these little silver balls.

How I recorded these Slot Machine Sound Effects

I walked around the slot machines and had enough after 3 minutes and needed to leave. This game machines creating such crazy sounds and its just all over the place and it sounds just like chaos but the people still sitting around. It was a short but a fun experience.

The story about these pachinko parlors in Japan is quite interesting and if you want to know what North Korea has to to with it just google “Pachinko-North Korea”.

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