Slide Projector Sounds! 1972 Eastman Kodak “Carousel”

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Recording Slide Projector Sounds with an original 1972 Eastman Kodak “Carousel”!

Okay, first off my apologies for not realizing in the first place that I had the slide projector all the time the wrong way around. I didn’t even think about it so please don’t judge me. :). We live, we learn and personally, it was the first time for me seeing a slide projector like this before.

Slide Projector Sounds

When we visit Libby’s family in Iowa I found this really cool and old Eastman Kodak slide projector in the basement.

I plugged it into the wall, turned it on and it worked perfectly fine.

For the recording I used the Zoom H6 with the XY microphone.

Watch Slide Projector Sounds On YouTube

Its a very nostalgic and important sound just like the original 1960 Smith and Corona typewriter sound that I have recorded. If we don’t archive these recordings then we forget about a whole age and for movie production that plays in this time it’s important to make it as realistic as possible.

This Kodak slide projector seems like from the 70s and big film productions probably have all these sound effects but what is if somebody works on an audio drama, animation or a podcast that take places in the 70s for example and wants to include a original projector sequence? I am super stoked that I can provide you these free sound effects.

I asked the Reddit community and they believe its a Kodak H600 from 1972. Incredible and it still works.

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