Shinkansen Sound Effects! Fastest Trains In The World

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Recording Shinkansen Sound Effects in Japan!

Oh, that was fun! Libby and I drove from Osaka to Hiroshima and we always see this huge walls of concrete and these railway lines are the home of the Shinkansen! I always want to record this sound but often times these lines are right next to busy streets with a lot of car sounds.

Shinkansen Sound Effect


After several days of trying to find a nice spot along the way, I saw this beautiful open field. It is the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Sanyo Shinkansen line from Tokyo to Fukuoka and I got the sound of two Shinkansen from both directions. I hoped to record more but we have no luck with the weather. It rains since days and also our heater in the camper is not working anymore.

My currently daily outfit! Sand Dunes Of Tatorri!

Sand Dunes Tatorri

But we are not really frustrated or angry about it. We still have a great time and we are just not prepared for this weather. We going to Costa Rica in less than a week and buying new clothes is just a waste of money. Okay, enough random stuff.

Before it started raining again I could record the sound of both Shinkansen. One coming from the right and one coming from the left.

Shinkansen Sound Effects

I used the DPA 4060 and also recorded with the Zoom H6! You can download the Zoom files and the DPA files as you wish down below!

The sound is amazing and if you just stay there and these trains comes and goes in this short period of time it is just amazing and it freezes you for a moment. Kind of scary and exciting at the same time and overall really really cool. If you ever come to Japan, I hope you can find a Shinkansen line and then you know what I mean.

But until then I hope you enjoy the sound and you can use it for your next project! 🙂
Greetings from a 7/11 close to Kyoto!

Listen & Download Shinkansen Train Sound Effects

Shinkansen Both Files In One Track DPA 4060!

Download File

Shinkansen Both Files In One Track Zoom H6!

Download File

Shinkansen Left To Right DPA 4060 and Zoom H6!

Download File

Download File

Shinkansen Right To Left DPA 4060 and Zoom H6!

Download File

Download File

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