Running Sounds & Footsteps Sound Effects In Wet Tunnel

Recording running sounds & footsteps sound effects on wet concrete in a tunnel with natural reverb in Germany!

The other day, on a nice bike ride we discovered a unique tunnel lined with corrugated iron. While we rode through the tunnel it created a hallowed echo sound. We knew we had to come back with our recorder.

After an afternoon rainfall, we went back to the tunnel equipped with our Zoom H6 and running shoes! We thought it would be fun to recreate a typical running scene from a horror movie. Luckily, the ground of the tunnel had wonderful puddles to run through.

Location in Germany where we recorded the running sounds & footsteps sound effects!

We tried different variations of running on concrete with different tempo footsteps, with one person, and then with both of us. Even though it was difficult to avoid the traffic noise from above, it does add an interesting vibe to the recording.

running sounds

You have a lot of option but one of my favorite sounds is the sound that I recreated, so it sounds like 10 people running around the tunnel!

If you are a sound designer and you work for video games or in post-production for films I think these footsteps sound effects can really help you out. Save them to your personal library and use them wherever you want. Also, keep in mind you can use all my sounds non-commercial and for commercial use without any questions asked! Enjoy!

Can’t or won’t give us credit for this sound? No problem for only 5 USD you can use these and all other sounds royalty free & license free + you get the Complete Library on top of it!

Field Recording Gear

Zoom H6 369 USD

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