Rotary Phone Sound Effects, German British, Swedish Models

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Recording Original Rotary Phone Sound Effects of German, Swedish & British Telephones

How cool is that? Imagine you walk along the streets and you look into a shop window and realize some super cool vintage rotary phones.
That happened to me a few weeks ago while recording city sounds in Limassol, Cyprus.

Amazing Vintage Rotary Phones

After I saw these treasures I walked into the designer wedding atelier and ask the owner Victoria if I could record the sounds of the rotary phones?
I suppose that doesn’t happen so often and she was very surprised by my questions. We talked about sound recording and I explained to her how important such sound effects are.
Later she gave me a room in the back of the store, we took out all the phones from the window and I was able to get these super cool sounds. Thank you Victoria!

Sound Compilation All Rotary Phone Mix

NOTE: There are no ringing sounds recorded.

I recorded the sound of the hanging up & hanging on the phones and dialing the rotary. For the recording, I used the Usi Pro and one AKG C 411 contact microphone.
I separated the contact microphone recording that can be download individually plus the stereo mix with the contact microphone recordings.

As far as I am correct, brands are Siemens (Germany), Erricson Dialog (Sweden) and GPO (Great Britain) from 1980-1990 or even older.

Download Rotary Phone Sound Effects On Bandcamp

In this short video, I explain how you can download my sound libraries on Bandcamp for free! Please watch it if you are not familiar with Bandcamp!

Download Sound Library

If you don’t see the Bandcamp Media Player down below, you probably have an ad blocker turned on. Click here for the direct link. Review Metadata!


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Photo Thumbnail by Donald Edgar on Unsplash

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