Night Ambience Los Angeles!

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It is night time in Los Angeles and time for some Night Ambience recordings!

I drove to the Santa Monica Blvd around 10 pm and stopped right at the Walgreen Parking next to the Intersection N.Highland Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. to do some night time traffic location sound recording.

Besides the traffic is around here at this intersection not really much going. Hollywood is just a few streets away and I first I thought about recording around Hollywood but too much loud music came from all sites of the streets and I didn’t felt very comfortable! Another issue was parking.

But this spot was great for traffic sounds and here are a few facts about the Blvd and the Highland Ave!

The Santa Monica Blvd is a west-east street in the Los Angeles County. It starts at Sunset Boulevard at Sunset Junction and ends at the Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica and passes through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

The Highland Avenue is a north/south street in Los Angeles. It is a major road that starts from Cahuenga Boulevard and the 101 in Hollywood from the north end of Olympic Boulevard in Mid-City Los Angeles and ends at Adams Boulevard.

The exact Location where I recorded the Sound!

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