Monk Chant Sounds Vietnam

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Last week I had the chance and the honor to record these incredible monk chant sounds in one of the Pagodas in Hoi An.

These are the benefits of being a traveler.
You can be part of the local culture if you want and I love to share these moments with you in form of my sound recordings.

I went a little bit to early and only one lady was around. She placed the carpets on the floor and I asked her if I can help you her with that.

Monk Chant Sounds

Okay, I don’t speak Vietnamese but we are all able to communicate so that we understand each other.
I was kind and like always very friendly and this attitude can open doors.
30 minutes later, the pagoda was already filled with a least hundred people and I felt like everybody knew me already.
I walked everywhere around to find a good spot and then the Lama ( I hope that is correct) came to me and I presented him my recorder and told him that I would love to record the ceremony.

Monk Chant Sounds

He started smiling and showed me this one open room where I can sit and one of his assistants gave me later a present. A bracelet that has a special place now and I will always carry it with me.

That was really nice and now imagine that. Praying monks and nuns and me in the middle with my recorder.
The ceremony started around 6:30 pm and went for about one hour. Listen to “gong” and the very impressive “BOOM” sound in the background right in the beginning.

Maybe someday my journey will be done and then I go into my archive, get my headphones and remember these wonderful moments.

Monk Chant Sounds

“The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.”


and now I invite you to download these monk chant sounds from my Bandcamp account!


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