Korean Sound Effects! Incheon Airport Sounds Seoul

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One of my Korean sound effects or Korean ambience that I could record at the Incheon Airport in Seoul!

This is the next airport sound that I have for you and I have so much more to share in the upcoming weeks. A sound recording inside an airport is always something special and if you are able to record airports in different places on this earth than it so much fun.

I had to take out the pre-recorded announcements and if airlines are named you can run into legal issues so I had to make my way around these recordings and cut them out.

Airports are always busy and I personally love airports. I hate flying but I love airports.
I could hang out for hours on airports and in less than 10 days I can be in my favorite airport. That is the Shangri Airport in Singapore and I am able to record with my new DPA 4060 what are high-quality mics!

But in these recording, I present you the Incheon Airport in Seoul.

We came from Atlanta with Delta and landed at Incheon Airport had a short layover to get our connecting flight to Danang.

I started recording after leaving the plane and used my binaural Soundman OKM II Rock Studio Microphones so make sure you listen with headphones.

We left our gate and walked directly to the train station and took the train to the next gate. The starting of the train was amazing but a pre-recorded voice made it impossible for me to keep it in the recording.

After the train arrived the gate, we took the escalator and went up into a huge waiting hall with a lot of people. This is where I stopped recording.

Korean Sound Effects

“The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.” — Britney Spears

About the Korean sound effects recording.

The sound file is around seven minutes long and included typical airport ambient like people chatting, walking, laughing, chatting. train driving sounds, kids playing.
As always I have two versions for you! One that is published on SoundCloud and one file that is kind of original. I just cut out the prerecorded announcement and moved files around but the rest is original so feel free to download this file as well. Make sure to check out all the other airport sounds that I have already recorded!

I recorded this sound with the Soundman OKM 4060 binaural microphones and the Zoom H6 Recorder.

Download Korean Sound Effects from the Incheon Airport direct from Bandcamp!
NOTE: If you can’t see the Bandcamp Media Player here make sure to turn off your ad blocker or choose a different browser.

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John February 5, 2018 at 1:50 am

Thank you for this! THis is lovely and warm. I looked up DPA 4060 and they are great. Just curious, what kind of recorder did you use for this?

freesounds February 5, 2018 at 2:44 am

Hello John! Sorry I totally forgot to put the link in it! I recorded with the Soundman OKM Rock Studio and used the Zoom H6 recorder. Next week in Singapore I pick up the DPA! 🙂


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