Kitchen Sound Effects! Japanese Restaurant

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Recording Kitchen Sound Effects in a Japanese restaurant in Hiroshima!

Hello from Costa Rica!

It is hot in Samara but looking back to the weather in Japan I rather stay here now :)! We booked our flight to Houston for the 24th of April and maybe heading over to Chiangmai, Thailand.

Kitchen Sound Effects

But lets talk  briefly about the weather! Especially when we came to Hiroshima!
We were so excited to explore more of the city but the rain was unstoppable and it was freezing.
After visiting the museums (where I recorded room ambient) we went to the restaurant Nagataya and it was packed with people. Let me tell you this restaurant is incredible and the food is outstanding.

kitchen sound effects

You can decide where you want to sit and for me was it a simple decision.

Right in front of the cooking plate. That is where the magic happens and the soundscape the best. Okay, we had to wait at least 30 minutes longer but it was so worth it.
Not only for the sounds, also for the experience and having everything made in front of you is really cool.

Seeing how everything works and the waiter communicates with the kitchen its an experience.
I was sitting with Libby at the end of the table and I placed the recorder as close as possible to the plate as I could and not grill the recorder

I think we got some amazing chef sound effects or overall kitchen sounds and also a nice restaurant atmosphere with people walla.
I hope you enjoy the sound and you can use it!

Kitchen Sound Effects

Like the last sound, I only upload the sound to SoundCloud for now because 0.4 MB/s its a pain and it slows down everything. I will upload to my clouds as soon as I have better Internet. I hope Chiangmai or Houston does the trick.

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