Jungle Sound Effects! Abandoned Temple Bali

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I talked with a friend about jungle sounds and he told me I should check out the abandoned temple Candi Tebing Tegallinggah so I drove around 20 minutes from Ubud to find this place.

If you follow Google maps it’s very easy to find and if you arrive just park the motorbike next to the little hut and walk a small path by the rice field. Locals are always around and I asked and they showed me the right way.

Jungle Sound Effects

It takes not even five minutes and you are on the right path when it goes down a stone stairway.

At the moment I saw the fallen tree and the bridge it felt like I am in a video game like “Uncharted” or “Tomb Raider”. It is humid you can see the little waterfalls, the river and listen to the crickets. It is a really magical place and I found it its built in the 12th century and the holes in the wall are for meditation. People told me they come here for Yoga or meditation.

Jungle Sound Effect Library

If you see the 3 three phallic sculptures in the photo after a short research I found out that they represent the holy Hindu trinity of Brahma, Wisnu & Siwa.


Jungle Sound Effects

I started on the left side with my recordings and used the DPA 4060 and the Zoom H6.
I recorded in 96/24 WAV and the length is around eight minutes.

In the recordings are crickets, water flowing, walking sounds on stairs, wooden bridge, wind

I had no hands free and slipped on a wet leave and fall. I kept it in the recordings because I think its funny!
I walked over the bridge and went to the temple. I climbed the stairs and stand all the way up and walked down again to the waterfall over the bridge and recorded a few crickets in the bushes.

Jungle Sound Effects

The whole time I was recording or hanging out nobody showed up. No locals or tourist and it was really nice! If you like to check it out on your own, here is the exact location!

…and now I invite to download these jungle sound effects! More Jungle sounds are from Costa Rica & Thailand already published. Just check out “Jungle Sounds

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