Jungle Forest Sounds North Thailand

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After bombarding you with In-Flight sounds the last days ( I have several more) I think its time for some jungle forest sounds.

We are in the North of Thailand and I drove about one hour from Chiangmai to an area where I knew nobody will be there. Okay, a few farmers that work around the field but no traffic or airplane noise.

jungle forest sounds

Here is the location and if you need some cave sounds there is the “Takkatan Cave” but it’s not very deep so you will hear more sounds coming in from the forest than actually cave sounds. But the reverb was nice.

Anyway, I walked about 5 minutes down a steep stone stairway and placed myself in front of a stone wall.
While I was preparing my field recording gear I got already bitten by several mean mosquitos. I covered myself pretty well, but they will find an open spot or just go through your clothes. So make sure you have proper clothes if you come out here.

jungle forest sounds

I can only record with the equipment that I have so I used the Zoom F4 together with the DPA 4060 and the Rycote Windjammers. The Zoom H6 was just as backup but nothing from it is in the recordings.

I put the microphones in the grass and faced them down the valley and up in the air. It’s incredible what these omnidirectional microphones can pick up and the noise level is almost not existing but that might be because of the cicadas. Maybe I find a forest with fewer cicadas and only birds.

jungle forest sounds

After a while, I changed the location and walked deeper down the path and came to the cave. The position to record the sound was nice because I had the mountain in my bag and faced down the valley as well.

I could record longer but for some reason, the batteries in the F4 are almost empty after 30 minutes of recording and I realized this several times. I bought new Panasonic rechargeable batteries. If you have any tips or advice on a better battery pack just shoot me a message on Facebook or email at [email protected]

jungle forest sounds

After I was done and packing up my gear I recorded me walking back home and this will be the upcoming “footstep sound” album. For now, I invite you to download these jungle and forest sounds from my Bandcamp account.
I created 16 files and you can download the full album or just the track that you like.
I recorded in WAV and the bitrate is 192/24.

What do we hear in the recordings?

-birds, cicadas, flys around the microphones in the first recordings you hear somebody hammering what gives a nice sound with the natural reverb of the jungle.

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