Horn Sounds & Honking Sound Effect! Motorbike Vietnam

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These horn sounds are something for the category “funny”! We always rent a motorbike and normally I don’t pay attention to honking sounds but since I record sounds I do!

Horn Sounds

We rented this motorbike from one of our favorite spots in Hoi An (rent is 40 US Dollar a month for a bike) and it’s totally normal that people honking in Vietnam all the time. It’s for security reason and I guess the horn is most likely the most changed item in Vietnam.

Horn Sounds

I pressed the horn and “WOW” that is a honking sound. I thought before this one “dies” I need to record it and went straight to rice field.
It is such a funny honking sound and I tried different variations! Short ones, a long one and some faster honking.
I think you have enough variations. that you can choose and I upload to versions for you!

For the recording, I just used the Zoom H6 and to block out the surrounding noise I just recorded with -20DB!

One is the original one and the other one is the SoundCloud version! Have fun with the horn sounds!

The Original Version!

Download File

The SoundCloud Version!

Download File

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