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Recording French Sound Effects in Strasbourg, France

I have to admit I love France and it will be always one of my favorite countries in the world! Since the age of 12 years, I was at least one time a year in this country. Most of the time I spent was in the south of France but after I moved to Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, I was at least four or five times a year in France. If you don’t know, Libby and I met in Nice.French Sound Effects

Even closer is Strasbourg. Two hours drive and you will be in a completely different world. Strasbourg is cool and if you don’t believe it, do me a favor. Walk around Stuttgart for at least 2 hours and then hop over to Strasbourg and do the same thing! You wouldn’t believe it.

When the evening comes, the people are out on the streets and hanging out in bars, cafes, restaurants and of course all around the Rhine. Especially in Petit France which is the historic quarter of the city of Strasbourg. You feel the life in the streets and if you go with the city flow you can really enjoy the town.

I did 3 different French Sound Effects recordings around the city!

First Recording

I went to a little marketplace called Place St. Étienne with was filled with a few people and bicycle couriers waiting for delivery.French Sound Effects

The market is surrounded by little bars and restaurants. It is more a calming recording with a few people talking to my left side.

Location Where I Recorded The First French Sound Effects

Second Recording

Krämergasse with the Cathedrale Notre Dame to my right!

French Sound Effects
You will listen to a crowd of people who stand in line. It must be a really good Ice Shop because that was the reason.
Very dynamic recordings and sound. People walking by and talking without break. Great “walla” or a great wall of people talking and laughing. It’s getting louder at the end of the recordings. Sometimes you can listen to the sound of bicycles and a motorbike.

Location Where I Recorded The Second French Sound Effects

Third recording

Rue des Tonneliers!

Rue des Tonneliers, Strasbourg, France

People sitting in restaurants and young adults walking by and drinking in the streets. Imagine this “freedom” in the US? 🙂 We are now in the middle of the “party zone” There is so much going in this recordings. It is great! These restaurants are packed and people waiting in lines to get a seat. I think if people would pay attention to this “wall” of sounds I guess they wouldn’t believe it.
Besides the talking, you can listen to people who “cheers” and touch glasses.

Location Where I Recorded The Third French Sound Effects

Strasbourg is a “Must See” city with a lot of history and if you thought about visiting France, please put Strasbourg on your list! Especially for Christmas Time. Strasbourg is known for being the “Christmas Capital of Europe”!Happy Couple France

I grew up in Alsace – in Strasbourg, by the canal; the family business was coal handling. It was still in the days when three generations would live under the same roof. There were 15 people for lunch, 20 for dinner.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

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