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Free wind sound effects recorded at night in Costa Rica!

What a journey to get here! It took us four flights coming from Tokyo and a two hours Taxi ride from Liberia but we now we are finally in Costa Rica.

Listen To The Wind Sounds

Our AirBnB in Samara was just perfect and we couldn’t have it better! We  lived together with an incredible and super nice Italian couple and two dogs and one super chill cat. 

Costa Rica Dogs

The couple has a in-house bakery and we got fresh bread each morning and pasta in the evening! What a service!

Where I Recorded The Wind Sound Effects

The house we lived in was on a huge  property full of palm trees and bushes filled with birds and monkeys that sometimes show up and eat the mangos in the trees!

It is really hot in the daytime and 37 degrees on its high but just what I love. The hotter the better. 

Central America Sound Effects

It was night time around 3 am and I could already here the leaves in the trees and the wind picked up so I went out with my recorder and walked around the house to get this kind of scary sounding wind noise between the trees and the bushes!

Besides the wind sound, something was in the bushes I think it was a raccoon or who knows maybe a crocodile? 🙂

Costa Rica has animals I have never seen before.

I also run into a chair what I kept in the recording!
Our landlord was awake as well and he “coughed” ones. I kept this in the recordings as well! 🙂

In the background you can listen to some spooky metallic sounds that goes with the wind.

Central America Sound Effects

At the end of the recording you can listen to the ATV sound in the distance.

I think these are some really cool sounds and I am glad I had jetlag to capture it!

Download Spooky Wind Sound Effects – Costa Rica

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