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Recording Forest Sound Effects in Germany

Nature sounds have a therapeutic and calming effect on our minds. Personally, I enjoy spending time in the woods to relax and escape the hustle of modern life and go back to my roots. This audio provides a gentle breeze and many chirping birds.

I hope you can find ease with this 10 Minute Forest Ambient Sound from Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
It was recorded with Zoom H6 and the MS Microphone what is a little bit noisier than the XY.

I went out in the morning around six am and what you can expect in these forest sound effects are lots of birds chirping with a nice natural forest reverb. Not to mention it was a foggy morning. I crow caws a few times what creates another really nice ambient.

Location where I recorded the forest sound effects

You can find these sound effects in my “Complete Sound Library” in the Germany Category an make sure to check out my nature sounds category with more sounds like rain, waterfalls, oceans, bids and even rainforests or jungles from Asia at day and night time.

Can’t or won’t give us credit for this sound? No problem for only 5 USD you can use these and all other sounds royalty free & license free + you get the Complete Library on top of it!

Zoom H6 with the M/S microphone (369 USD)

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