Fireworks Sound Effects – F1 GP Singapore

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Recording Fireworks Sound Effects at night in Singapore after Formula One Grand Prix

I thought I upload these sound effects to a different blog post and create a new album. After Lewis Hamilton won the race here in Singapore the fireworks started to happen. The Formula One Grand Prix is the first night race in the history of the Formula One and it makes sense to fire up a firework in the night time.

Fireworks Sound Effects

I knew that the spot between the Hotels and the Skyscrapers was just perfect for these kinds of recordings. The reverb and the energy of the explosions were very intense and everything sounds so rich and full.

Equipment I used to record these Fireworks Sound Effects

For anybody who is interested in using omnidirectional microphones for field recording but doesn’t want to spend a big budget, I highly recommend the USI Pro. Jonas sells them for 120 Euro in his store as a pair and with the windjammers together you spent around 200 Euro and getting a great setup. I paid over 1000 USD for the DPA 4060 just to bring this up. It is a huge price difference.

Fireworks Sound Effects

You can listen for yourself in the following album and decide what tracks you like more.

I recorded with both pairs at the same time and exported them separately.
Track number three is recorded with the USI Pro. Track number four is recorded with the DPA 4060.
As the recorder, I used the Zoom F8n.

Click here if you want to download all sounds from the Formula One race in Singapore!

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Category: Sounds Of Singapore, Fire & Explosions, City Soundscape At Night
Type: fireworks sound effects
Specs: 4 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 1.2 GB 
Duration: 17 min
Equipment: Zoom F8n, Usi Pro, DPA 4060
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