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Today was a time for me to relax a little bit! Not far from the place that I’m staying at there is a little river. So I went there with my BINAURAL Microphone from Roland and was just sitting there listening to the sound! You can listen and record at the same time with this Headphones-Microphones. I used the XY- Microphone to plug in the Zoom H6.

A flowing river has a healing and calming sound. You can listen to birds singing in the background while listening to the flowing water. I drop some stone at the end of the soundtrack and you can listen to it on the left and on the right site in your ears.

This Soundtrack creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. It can help relax your mind and body and can bring you back in the right headspace!
It was really fun for me to record this sound and I hope you enjoy it!

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