Door Sound Effect & Door Knocker Sounds

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You can download the complete album of the door knocker & door sound effect from my Bandcamp account on the bottom of this blog post!

The door has two knockers. A left one and a right one and I tried both of course. You can choose which one you like the most or you can download all. Besides the original versions, I created different reverbs and I removed the background noise as extra.

Door Sound Effect & Door Knocker Sounds

Feel free to read more about how and where I got this sound effect. The story behind the sound is super exciting if you are an urban explorer on the hunt for abandoned places around the world.

I have a friend in Chiangmai and he is an urban explorer and together we went to a place outside of Chiangmai that blew my mind. Really, I couldn’t believe it!

He told me about a half-abandoned village in the middle of the forest south of Doi Suthep. The drive with the motorbike from Chiangmai is about 40 minutes and you have to take a small road from the main road. Here is the location where you have to do the turn.

Just follow the road on Google maps. The fun begins exactly where Google maps end!

A few hundred meters more and you will reach an open barrier with a flag. If you see a security guard, don’t stop. Just ignore him and keep on driving. He is just sitting there starring on his phone but it is better if you have already a helmet with a dark visier.

The street after the barrier is in a perfect condition and several houses are inhabited. The people who still live in the area taking care of the land and are very friendly.

Door Sound Effect & Door Knocker

I assume they “own” the houses because there were abandoned before and took over. If you want to see more mindblowing villas just take a left in the Google Maps map and follow this road. It’s like a theme park.

We drove all the way up to a roundabout and parked the motorbike. Several dogs behind a fence started barking. Of course, I recorded the sound of it and an older lady came up to us and gave us some fruits.
She takes care of a huge house and feed the dogs.

abandoned places around the world

If you walk along the road you have this fantastic nature sound filled with birds and cicadas. You have a small little river and the villas are built around the small river!

If you sit on the terrace next to it. Seriously, what do you want more?
After our little expedition, we came across this one abandoned house with this huge tower to the right and I saw the door knocker and felt like “Game Of Thrones”. I knocked on the door and the squeaking sound was already amazing but the natural reverb made it even better.

Door Sound Effect & Door Knocker Sounds

Inside the house was nothing except this one chair and seeing this made me really sad.

abandoned places around the world
Such a beautiful house and nobody who gives them life. What a waste of resource and work for nothing. I guess its a home for these little bees now. That is something.

Door Sound Effect & Door Knocker Sounds

If you think that was all? Oh no. You will find many more of these abandoned buildings.

We moved on to the next house and found this little ship inside and somebody put a fridge and a freezer inside the living room, but nothing more.

abandoned places asia

Now you know where I got the sound and you can use it for your own project. I think its very important to know where the sound you work with is coming from and I really enjoy doing this.

I did several other recordings like the river stream and of course, the dog barking sounds and I will upload these sounds separately in a different post.

abandoned places around the world

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abandoned village…and now I invite you to download the door knocking sound effects direct from my Bandcamp account! Enjoy and I hope you find a great place for this sound! If you have already access to my sound library you will find the sound effects in the Bandcamp category and if not but you want to access just click on the “Coffee” button!

Category: Foley, Household, Doors & Gates, Forest & Jungle Soundscape
Type: Door Sound Effect, Metal Knocker Sound
Specs: 13 files • 13 different sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 465 MB 
Duration: 5:20 min
Equipment: Zoom H6, DPA 4060
Delivery: Instant Bandcamp download 
License types: standard license, royalty-free & license-free license

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