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Recording donkey sound effects in Belgium!

Today we have another Sound Snippets for you and these special sound effects are really amazing Donkey Sounds from Belgium!! Yes, a Donkey and it sounds amazing! What so special is that I didn’t record this sound! The Sound comes from André Philips who is a sound designer from Belgium and he gave me this free sound so that you can use it in your project!

André gave us not only one sound variation, he gave us four different versions that you will find down below!  The files are together about 1 Minute long and he used for the recording a Zoom H4N and a Sennheiser MKH 416! Two files are in Stereo and two in Mono! If you need a sound test from an MKH 416 maybe you should listen to this!

André Philips

Andre Philips philipsfilmsound

So let’s talk about André! Just how I said he is a Sound Designer, a Boom Operator who worked on many film projects especially in Belgium and the Netherland! The sound of the donkey is not the last one from him that I can promise you Guys and I am super excited about more sounds!
Thank you so much, André, for this very special sound and I really appreciate that!

 If you like to know more about André, please go say “Hello” on his Social Media Channels!
And if you use his sound you don’t have to credit me, but please give André credit for the sound under Creative Commons CC-BY!

André on IMDB!
Andrés Homepage Philipsfilmsound!
André on Facebook!

NOTE: Is this the first time coming on my website and you find this sound useful make sure to check out my animal category with pig sounds, dog sounds and many other creatures that I have recorded around the world already!

Listen and Download Version One of the donkey sound effects in stereo!

Download File

Listen and Download Version Two in Stereo!

Download File

Listen and Download Version One in MONO!

Download File

Listen and Download Version TWO in MONO!

Download File

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