Blacksmiths Sound Effects! Men VS Machine! Vietnam Soundscape

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I always think when I record a sound “This is my favorite one”! Until I record the next one!

We live only 5 minutes away from this blacksmith shop and I told Libby since 3 weeks now that I have to record this! I always saw the fire and people hammering but never stopped and complained about it not doing it. We have less than two weeks in Vietnam before we heading out to Bali so now or never!

Blacksmith Sound Effects

I drove by, stopped and walked with a smile on my face and a friendly Xin Chào” into the shop and pointed with my fingers to the fire, the hammer and to my ears and made him understand how much I love this sound. I showed him my recorder and again gesticulate with my fingers that I would love to record that sound! They both start laughing ( is in the recording) but had no problem with it at all.

Blacksmith Sound Effects

Could you imagine sitting all day long on the floor like this men and working in this position and of course, with no shoe, gloves or special protection glasses!
In Germany, it wouldn’t take long and you have the “IHK” in the house and they close your shop.

Not in Vietnam and I got the change to record this fantastic sound. By the way, I recorded a street welder too and this sound is coming up next.

Blacksmith Sound Effects

One day we will all cherish the memory of having blacksmiths on every corner.

George Singleton

About the recording!

This recording has everything. You can listen to the hammering sound and the moment he turns on the heat and fills the fire hole with coal you can hear the fire crackling. Super cool!
After he is done hammering he calls his colleague and together they hammering even more and after that is done, he puts the steel in this little metal box and brings a form into the steel. Cool would it be if he would use a water bucket and puts the hot steel in it but we can’t have it all.As you see I recorded only on the Zoom H6 and its just a perfect and handy recorder.
We have some background noise like the men behind me hammering and we are directly next to the street so we can listen to cars and motorbikes but this is typically for Vietnam.

Blacksmith Sound Effects

…you can download two Version. The Version that you can listen on SoundCloud and the Original Version.

The SoundCloud Version!

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The Original Version!

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